Spring Break. Much needed. Too short.

Spring break, the start of warm(er) weather and a break from the second-semester grind. Attending university on the east coast, I was so excited to have a sun-filled week back in California. Spending a week at home with family and friends was relaxing and fun. It was a bit difficult coming back knowing that the final season will be fast approaching. Nevertheless, I was e=happy to come back and see my friends and "family" that I have formed out here. I have flown back and forth around seven times now, and the funny thing is , the process is the exact same every time.

1. The frantic packing

T-10 hours until your fight. Could have been slowly packing over the past two days? Yes. Did you? No.

Here we just shove everything into the suitcase and pray it makes the weight limit.

2. The double check 

Do I have my charger? Okay. But wait do I have my charger?

3. The leaving excessively early

Flight time: 11pm

My parents at 5pm: Alright lets go lets go lets go

4. Security 


That's it.

*I know it's for everyone's safety but sometimes I accidentally leave a water bottle in my bag and then get questioned for 45minutes. I'm just trying to hydrate.

5. The terminal

Alright, my flight is probably delayed. I have a few hours to kill. I technically could start on the work I was supposed to do before spring break. But In reality I'll probably just pay an excessive amount of money for a coffee and a sandwich

6. Boarding 

Is that a baby? A dog? A lady who wan's to chat the whole fight? A creepy due? Should be fun.

7. Arrival 

The reality of being back at school kicks in. exciting to see your friends. Sad to hop back on the grind again. You need more sleep. And coffee.