Two people destined to be together; the stars aligned perfectly, every single moment leading up to these two coming together. It is perfect. Two lovers who share the same passions and desires. Two souls intertwining. However, are soulmates legitimate?

We see them all the time in the movies. However, this is not the movies; this is real life.

Who is to say that everyone has a soulmate? What happens if you do not find yours? Can an individual have more than one soulmate? How do you know if your girlfriend or boyfriend is your soulmate or just one person you are going to come across on your way to find the “perfect one?”

With all these questions in mind, I cannot help but hope that soulmates are not legitimate. If we were meant for just one person, what happens when that relationship does not work out? Are we done with love? Are we left forced to endure the journey of life alone?

You cannot say that there is just ONE person in the world destined for you. Crafted, and created specifically for YOU. Some people may just have one love, but I know many people who have had numerous loves. You are not subject to only be in love once.

The main issue that I see when there is a hype surrounding soulmates is the expectations. They are unrealistic. This person must be perfect and happy all the time, catering to your needs. I mean he or she IS your soulmate right?

No relationship is going to be easy, and none should be seen as perfect. Putting unrealistic expectations on one another can cause for a relationship to end quicker than it began.

So if I do not believe in soulmates, what do I believe in? I believe that yes, love is attainable. However, I believe love can be possible with numerous individuals. There is not a specific person MADE for you. I think there are many options.

I like to think of it like this: picking out a pair of shoes. Shoes are great. I love shoes. I can go into a store and buy a beautiful pair of heels. However, they are not going to meet EVERY need. I am not going to wear these shoes to the gym. These are my going out on the town shoes.

The idea of a perfect soulmate brings me back to thinking of these heels. They are perfect in my eyes, but they are not going to meet every NEED. However, I still have other options: I’ll wear my Adidas to the gym. They do the job then. I can be both happy with my heels and my sneakers.

A person should not see an individual as being able to supply for EVERY ONE of your needs. That is exactly the problem with soulmates. There is no PEFECT person for you, and with any guy (or pair of shoes) there will be issues. The sooner we realize that men are like shoes: none of them being perfect, the sooner we can realize the truth:

Soulmates are complete bullshit.