It’s that time again. Everyone gathers to witness spectacular performances. Families spend quality time with one other, popping out the popcorn, making big dinners for these events and even going out of their ways to schedule their outings around these events. The Olympics means a whole lot to a lot of Americans. All of the sports that take part in these games have so many supportive fans who root for them at home. Everyone is so proud and prideful of their countries participating, of the individuals who are representing their respective countries.

Certain sports stick out to the majority, like swimming, gymnastics, volleyball, boxing, basketball and golf. With these popular sports, children who aspire to be like them follow. These children look up to these role models, wanting to be just as great as them, competing in the Olympics.

Baseball is one of the most popular sports to date. People are quite excited that it is making a comeback in the 2020 Olympics, with its sister sport tagging along. Baseball and softball are two sports that many people that I know and grew up with enjoy and can highly relate to. After so many years of travel softball, experiencing amazing plays, tough losses and whacky game times, I found a sense of family. A family with the coaches, teammates and their families. We were a group of people who got along, even though our fights seemed like we didn’t, just like any other family. And I would not trade my experience for anything.

Just knowing that there are other girls today, a younger generation, who will get to experience softball players in the Olympics, individuals who they will get to look up to, is a satisfying feeling, the same with boys and their baseball. They get to see their heroes compete for their countries on an international level, giving them some kind or more motivation to want to be as great as them.

Many will be cheering from home, wishing to be part of the phenomenal experience to witness all of the extraordinary plays and their team's victory!

So in 2020, Tokyo will be the place to be.