Sofia Franklyn Became The Woman She Told Us All Not To Be
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Sofia Franklyn Became The Woman She Told Us All Not To Be

There is only one Father now.

Sofia Franklyn Became The Woman She Told Us All Not To Be

If you've been following the "Call Her Daddy" podcast over the past few years, you probably already know all about the drama between the two co-hosts. If you don't listen to the podcast, I highly suggest you do. Although the drama between Alex Cooper and Sofia Franklyn has died down, it's important to reflect on the actions of the two. Each of them spoke publicly on what happened, as well as the founder of "Barstool Sports" making a lengthy statement on the podcast himself. If you haven't heard the statements, they are still available to listen if you need to catch up.

The part that doesn't settle well with me is Sofia's reasoning for leaving the podcast. The entire premise of "Call Her Daddy" was based around a carefree lifestyle, anti-slut shaming and feminism, so to speak. According to Dave Portnoy and Alex Cooper, Sofia was basing her decisions off of her recent boyfriends' opinions. I don't understand how someone who preaches about not "dropping everything for a man" can just throw her career away in that exact way. Now, in no way do I support the harassment Sofia has received on her social media accounts. As much as the daddy gang and Alex herself are hurt, it doesn't mean that Sofia deserves to be cyber-bullied. Recently, she even changed her Instagram bio to reflect the comments she was receiving.

I don't support cyber-bullying under any circumstance but I do side with Alex on this particular subject. Even though Sofia isn't on the podcast anymore, I will still listen. I understand the show isn't the same without her, but she is grown enough to make her own decisions. Harassing her and shaming her isn't going to make her come back, that's for sure. On the other hand, I think Alex has been very mature about the whole situation. It definitely isn't easy to lose a best friend and a co-host at the same time. Considering the circumstances of everything going on in the world right now, I think the new podcast episodes are just what we all need. With or without Sofia, I'm always in the mood for some dirty humor and laughs.

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