5 Signs You'​re A Socially Anxious Extrovert

Being socially anxious and extroverted is a very interesting combo. It's quite paradoxical - you are constantly faced with anxieties and fears regarding socializing with others, while at the same time craving and almost entirely needing it in order to feel sane. Your worst fear is simultaneously your strongest desire.

1. You develop many "friend crushes" but never have the courage to initiate conversations out of fear of being judged or rejected

You constantly want to talk to random people because of how cool they seem and how much in common you have with them but you stop yourself every time. It's so frustrating because you know how many wonderful conversations and fun times you could be having with that person, but your anxiety won't allow you to experience it.

2. You feel drained and extremely out of it when you haven't talked to people in a while

The fatigue and tiredness hits you hard even from spending an entire day by yourself, and sometimes only a few hours. You want nothing more than to socialize, but the fear of it stops you every time.

3. Every time you have a plan to spend time with someone new, you become very worried about how it will go

You constantly think it over and drive yourself crazy worrying about any possible bad outcomes. However, as soon as you begin hanging out with the person, a breath of fresh air hits because it is extremely fun and energizing.

4. You are known as flaky by the majority of your friends

You have the urge to cancel plans with people (even best friends) a lot because your anxiety gets the best of you. Every time you do cancel, you feel regretful and know you made a mistake.

5. You feel the best you've ever felt after meeting new people and engaging in meaningful and interesting conversations with friends

That feeling of fulfillment and extreme energy hits you every time you overcome your social anxiety to meet new people. The euphoria you get from it is wonderful and you get mad at yourself every time for denying yourself this pleasure so often.

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