Social Media Vs. Self Esteem
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Social Media Vs. Self Esteem

Just because someone else is pretty, does not mean that you aren't.

Social Media Vs. Self Esteem
Taylor Horton

I've debated for days about how to go about starting this article. How do you lead into something as big of a problem as such? Social media affects us every day, in good ways, and in bad. The influence that social media has on our confidence, self esteem, and body image are quite negative most of the time. And this isn't just an issue with the ladies, it can affect the men as well.. However, today I want to speak to my gender and talk about this important topic.

I've been naturally skinny my entire life. I eat like a pig, though, like two pigs really, but I cannot gain weight to save my life. Now, before you think "Jeez, quit bragging omg", being skinny isn't necessarily better than being "big", and in no way am I trying to brag. But let me tell you something. The "big" girls aren't the only ones with self esteem issues surrounding body image. Its all of us. No matter if you're skinny, big, tall, short, are "well endowed" or not, body image issues are not accustomed to only one body type. I too, at only 120 pounds, suffer from body image issues occasionally. I am no stranger to the "staying-up-crying-on-the-occasional-night-because-I-beat-myself-down-a-lot-that-day" scenario. We all have those days.

Since this is such an important and relatable topic, I wanted to give some insight to a few things that I've learned through the years from social media and how I view my body. Hopefully the tips and perceptions that I am about to share with you will help you see things in a better, more positive light.

1. Those photos are sooo edited.

I know it's hard to let yourself believe this, but they are. Crazy edited. Like, really crazy edited. That girl is not that smooth or tan. Her "features" are most likely enlarged, also. Don't beat yourself up because you don't look like that. Because guess what? Neither does she.

2. Just because she is pretty, doesn't mean you aren't.

I have to give credit to my past and current boyfriends for this one. I think boyfriends/girlfriends are the first ones who know when something isn't right, like if we're having a bad day. But they have taught me that there are many attractive people in the world. But just because she is pretty, doesn't mean you aren't. Just because she has pretty hair, doesn't mean you don't. And always remember: in your significant other's eyes, you're prettier anyways. ☺

3. If you must, unfollow those girls.

I know it sounds petty, but trust me. If you're following a lot of models because you think you want to, let me ask you this: how do you feel when their photos come up in your feed? If the answer is "not good" or "I feel like I'm not as attractive as them", please just unfollow them. You can support them without having to see their bikini shots in front of your face 24/7.

4. You're most likely happy with your body until you see someone else's.

Have you ever thought about it this way? Most of the time, we're confident and happy in our own skin. I'm not saying that we never believe that we have room for improvement; of course we most likely all believe that we do; and that's okay. But are you ashamed of your body before you see pictures of someone else's? Probably not. I can say that I am very confident in how my body looks...until someone with a better one pops up in my news feed. Then I tell myself "Wow she looks so much better than you. You need to start working out more. Quit eating junk food. See how much better she looks than you?" And that is where the evil begins. We're confident with our bodies until someone else's "better looking" one is shoved under our nose. Well let me tell you something else. You're the one shoving it under your nose as well. It is super easy it is to just scroll past those things or unfollow. But instead, you sit there and stare at it in silence, analyzing them, analyzing yourself, picking at your flaws. (I know this because I do it, too. We all do.) Which leads into my last point...

5. We ALL have flaws, but yours aren't edited.

And that's the beauty of it. Embrace your natural self and strive to be happy and confident in your own skin.

You are beautiful. ♡

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