I hate you. I hate your kind. You deserve to die.

Hatred runs deep and has lasted since the beginning of who knows when. There are people out there, hating others who are just living their lives, and for what? To feel superior to them? To trump over their actions? To feel satisfied with oneself? I personally do not see a good enough reason to hate a certain group of people. What is the honest point of it all?

There is always some kind of hatred for all kinds of people: from those who bandwagon teams, trends and games, to those who are die-hard fans, believers and participators; from those who are born into something to those who choose to be a part of something. And for what? People are living their lives the best way they know how. They are supposedly growing from each individual encounter that accumulates to their learning experience, aka life.

Whether it is because of religion, values or life choices, people find a way to put others down. And for what? Why not build each other up because of our differences? Why does the human race have to fill themselves with unnecessary hatred? Why not fill oneself with love and understanding? No, one does not have to be a part of something if they do not wish to be, but why tear down those who do? People are so fond of putting blame on others, calling each other xenophobic names and mistreating those who are different. And for what?

Just because someone is different, does not mean they deserve to be hated. And, yes, people are not going to like everyone, but that does not mean people should hate those they do not like; feeling indifferent is always a harmless option. Why put in the effort to not like someone? If one does not agree, why should that specific person care? It is not their life or choice they are living out. To each their own, right? Everyone who does not intentionally harm others deserves respect.

Something that I have noticed over the years is that people tend to hate due to fear, or because they feel threatened. Typically, it is the fear of not knowing the future, the outcome. Their ignorance usually drives this force. They hate other races because they do not know much about it. They also let their hatred grow because they feel that anything that does not agree with their belief or view is nonsensical. They do not agree with certain customs, cultures or lifestyles. With this in mind, why be so hateful and disrespectful of other those who differ?

Then, there are those who hate others to make themselves feel better. One’s opinion of oneself should not be determined in relation to others. Maybe the sense of hatred runs deeper than it actually appears.

In this society, this world, there is so much hatred, and for what? This world is in dire need of unconditional love and peace.