12 Things Only People Who Went To A Small High School Know

12 Things Only People Who Went To A Small High School Can Relate To

Where everybody knows your name and your business

Sydney Hood

Living in a small town meant your probably attended a small high school. You know everyone and everyone knows you. You can name everyone in your high school and their family members. Going to a small high school can be both annoying and a blessing. If you are like me and graduated from a tiny high school, I am sure you can relate to all of these problems below.

1. You know literally everybody in your high school.

Everybody knows you. You also know everybody and their business. You know who their family members are, their middle name, their pet's name, their social security number.

2. It was a major deal when someone new came to school.

When a new kid moves to school, everybody will rush to get to know this person and try to become friends with the person.

3. You get a puzzled look when you tell someone how many people you graduated with.

Take it from someone who had twelve in their class. Yes, I am talking about myself. I cannot count how many times I have had people shockingly ask me, "YOU HAD HOW MANY IN YOUR CLASS??"

4. You are in a class with the same people all day long.

As i said before, I only had twelve people in my class. So I had every class with those eleven other people. All day, everyday, we were together.

5. It does not take long for gossip to spread around school.

Everyone in the school will know your business before you even get the chance to find out. Gossip at school spreads faster than germs.

6. Seeing your teachers in public was not awkward. 

Being at a small high school meant smaller class sizes, which also meant you were more than likely to get to know your teachers very well. Chances are you had a few of your teachers' phone numbers.

7. You cannot start something new in class if two or more people are absent.

If you had more than two people missing from class, it felt like half your class was gone.

8. The entire high school is invited to Junior-Senior Prom.

If only Juniors and Seniors attended prom, their would literally be nobody at prom. So, you invited the entire high school to make it seem like a big turn out showed up.

9. You see people from school everywhere you go.

You cannot go to the grocery store without seeing someone you know from school.

10. You have the same teachers all four years of high school

Freshman year through Senior year, you will have the same teachers who teach their different subjects.

11. Dating is extremely limited.

It can be very hard to date if you go to a small school, because either one of your friends has already dated the person or you are really close to the person (as a friend).

12. You could not wait to graduate and get away. 

But chances are, you are thankful for your tiny school. If you had to go back you wouldn't change anything about it.

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