Slam Poets Shaking Up The World

Slam Poets Shaking Up The World

There are many poets out there, but the select few on this list make it their mission to preach their truth and wake up their audience.

Slam Poets are the revolutionary voice of this generation, not Hip-Hop artists or whatever Pop artists that get a ton of fame from music. The poets that "share their naked feelings with the world" Abiodun Oyewole said are who we have to give us the real news of current events. These poets are exuberant with their blackness and are not asking for anything, simply telling you what's going on in a different way than you've heard before.


A Brooklyn native that uses her tools of poetry to tackle issues blowing away the minds all misogynistic people. Sharing her work in the slam world as a member of the 2016 Brooklyn College Slam Team, Kearmonie is a force to be reckoned with. Here's what Harriet Tubman would think about being put on the $20 bill.

Gabriel Ramirez

A phenom to slam poetry ever since the winning the Knicks Poetry Slam in 2012 Gabriel Ramirez speaks on life issues that'll make you empathize with him regardless of your age. A proud Afro-latino unapologetic with his message and continuation of being an embodiment of kindness.

Ashley August

2013 New York City Youth poet Laureate Ashley August takes the stage of the Bowery Poetry Cafe and dominates the competition(while also most nights hosting the event Monday nights). Her like the other poets on this list have been and continue to bring light to topics of life, not just as youth but challenges that effect individuals across the globe.

Timothy DuWhite

From Montclair State University to BRIC 2016 Slam Team in Brooklyn Timothy has left crowds ravving for more of his storytelling. Timothy is the definition of making a way when it seems no road has been paved for you. An activist, protestor, creative writing mentor, proud member of LGBTQ community, Timothy is a self made giant.

Crystal Valentine

Hailing from the big apple, 2016 BRIC, 2015 NYU Slam Team member is an icon all on her own. With the title of 2015 NYC Youth Poet Laureate, one competition after the other Crystal holds nothing back on her opinions of trending topics, such as Donald Trump or anything defiling black people or women. She always delivers with a sense of urgency that'll leave you wanting more.

Savon Bartley

Home to North Chi-town, Savon, this student of hip-hop cultivated his poetry to speak his mind on mulitple platforms from 2014 Urban Word Slam team to coach of 2016 Montclair State Slam team, Savon is a versitle lyracist who can manipulate his words in astounding ways.

Taylor Steele

This 2015 Team No Name/Team Eboni (Urbana Slam Team coached by Eboni Hogan) Slam team member has held her own on whichever stage she graces. Taylor has a zero tolenrance attitude towards the hatred of white America and will be heard. This woman is an advocate of self resilliance and practices what she preaches.

Steven Willis

As a Nuyorican Poets Cafe 2015 Slam Team member Steven showed the Chi-New York connection stronger than ever by delivering mind bending alliterations and metaphors to convey the meaning of what it is to be a black man in America, from the talk and walk to who we have to look up. Steven has crafted his poetry to be used as a tool in classrooms, formal and informal stages.

Anthony McPherson

Hard work, sweat and determination makes this 2016 BRIC slam poet a phenom, he's let his finished work define how much poetry matters. I call him Mc Pheezy, but he's a fresh and "woke" individual with so much power in the pen it'd be ridiculous to only call him a poet, a orchestator of words, Oklahoma city born, his talent belongs to the world now.

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