Six Things I’ve Learned Working In The Fashion Industry
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Six Things I’ve Learned Working In The Fashion Industry

Six Things I’ve Learned Working In The Fashion Industry

When I came home from school in May, I had no job for the summer and that meant having no spending money.

Let’s be real here, every girl has a shopping addiction and me having no money to supply that addiction was very bad, (for me at least). When I went around looking for jobs, I must have applied to at least five or six jobs and none of them had called me back. Just when I thought I was out of options, I saw that Anthropologie was hiring, and I could not have clicked that apply button fast enough. I have never had a job in the fashion industry before, so this would be my first one. Sure enough, I was called in for an interview and I was hired the following week. I was practically jumping out of my body with excitement because Anthropologie was one of my favorite clothing stores to shop at.

Of course, getting a new job meant that I had to go shopping for some new clothes, because who would want to show up to work looking unfashionable? When you work in the fashion industry, you tend to pick up quite a few things about everyday life and fashion. 

1. My wardrobe stinks and I should invest in some new clothes. I thought I had a pretty decent wardrobe until I arrived to work on the first day. Dressing in some jeans, a black tank top, cute shoes and some jewelry won’t cut it in the fashion industry. That’s just casual wear for them, and I really needed to step up my game. I realized that wearing high waisted shorts, short skirts and dresses, crop tops and sandals every day is not an acceptable wardrobe to be walking around in. Each day I worked, I looked at all of the clothes the girls were wearing and I made some big changes to my wardrobe. 

2. It’s important to smile. When you are put at the front of the store to greet people as they come in, you better have the biggest smile on you’re face, and a loud voice to say, “Hi, how are you today? Welcome to Anthropologie!” Always smile and make the customers feel welcome. We want them to be shopping in a friendly environment, and what good is it if the workers don’t provide that experience? If you are a shy person to begin with, having this task will help you break out of you’re shell in a heartbeat, and become a more sociable, and vibrant person. 

3. Communication skills. Communication is everything when working in a clothing store, and especially with customers that have a lot of questions, wants and needs. You will learn not only how to provide great customer care, but also how to hold a professional-level conversation with the customers. You will also learn how to provide great feedback and offer clothing suggestions such as, “This dress would go great with that belt,” or “These chino’s would be great with a pair of black booties.” You will also learn how to make business phone calls. Running out of any size in a piece of clothing that a customer absolutely adores is hard to break it to them. Calling another store to put the item on hold for them is an ideal solution to the problem. This task will surely prompt you for making professional business call whenever needed. 

4. Multitasking. Multitasking is key when you are working in any type of clothing store. If you thought you couldn’t handle doing two things at once, get ready because you will learn how to handle a whole lot more than that. One place I learned great multi tasking skills is in the fitting room. When there is a line of people waiting to try on clothes, and each of them all have about 10 to 15 pieces of clothing, and then you have three other customers asking for different sizes in clothes, but then this other customer wants you’re opinion on her outfit; you will quickly learn that multi tasking is vital to know in any type of environment. Before you know it, a three-page paper, an Italian project, 30 pages to read, and a math assignment that has to be done in two days, will feel like a walk in the park for you. 

5. Tidiness and Cleanliness. If you’re generally a messy person, then this job is sure going to whip you into shape. Learning how to fold clothes to an absolute perfection is not just something you can use while working, but put those good skills to use in you’re own life! I’ve learned that having everything look perfect not only helps me be neat and tidy within the store, but in my own home as well. Never again will I be scrambling to find a piece of clothing that I desperately need because I will know just where to find it. 

6. Statement. You will learn that making a statement with you’re clothing will become an art in itself. Dressing up just for special occasions will be a thing of the past, and you will learn that looking presentable is an everyday task. You will learn that prints are you’re best friends that will add that pop of color and flare to you’re wardrobe. You will learn that making a statement with the ever-so-classic statement necklace is an absolute must to complete you’re daily attire. Clothes express you’re personality in a unique way, and it’s important to make a bold statement with what you wear. Always walk the streets like it’s you’re runway. 

If you thought having a retail job couldn’t teach you anything, well here you have it. Apart from learning how fold a pile a clothes, there are various life lessons to be learned while working with fashion. If you have you’re eye on that Free People or Urban Outfitters application, don’t think twice because trust me, you will not regret it. 

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