This past weekend I had about an hour where I wasn't doing anything, so I drove to the bay and sat by the water. I didn't bring anything to do, no book or sketchpad, because the whole point was just to stare at the water and relax.

It was hard to sit still, especially after that 10 minute mark. I wanted to have about 15 to let my mind take a break and just listen to the earth, to calm my thoughts and breathe. We are so lucky to be able to have this gift, to be able to sit in places that we can let our guard down and let both our brain and nervous systems rest. The brain is a muscle and it needs to rest just like your legs and arms.

But its hard, its so hard in a society where we are taught to go and be effective as much as we possibly can to reach our maximum productivity. But productive and happiness do not share a direct link.

Life is conflicting, therefore balance is what we can use to help ourselves. I don't want peaceful chaos, I want peace and then I want chaos.

In addition to being overworked, we tend to be pretty overexposed. Another reason why spending quiet time with yourself is important- because it allows you to be by yourself, appreciating your own company.

Keep in mind that listening time looks different for everyone. For some it's found in a morning run, for some it's staring at a painting, others release the tension in their shoulders or choose to sit up straight.

I encourage everyone to try and be mindfull in this week ahead, and maybe give yourself a break this week. Find a place you love and just sit there with nothing to do.

Sit just to sit, laugh just to laugh, drink coffee just to drink coffee. By taking this time for yourself, you will encourage a better realtionship with yourself, give your brain a break, and cherish your mind enough to let it rest.