Signs You're Addicted To Your Sport
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Signs You're Addicted To Your Sport

At least it's healthy...right?

Signs You're Addicted To Your Sport
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As a current athlete that's been playing soccer for over 10 years now, it's probably safe to say I've become addicted. Especially now that I get to play my sport at the Division I level. So to the rest of you athletes that know the lifestyle; here are ten signs you may also be dealing with addiction:

1. You can't go a day without thinking about it.

Doesn't matter what you're doing, everything makes you think about it. The color of the shirt that person is wearing, is a lot like the color of your jersey or favorite sports drink.

2. Your daily routine is often affected by the sore muscles caused by your addiction.

Driving even becomes hard at times due to soreness in the arms and shoulders,

3. You consider your sport every time you eat something.

You weigh out the benefits and harms the food could do to your energy, performance, and overall athleticism.

4. Your life flashes before your eyes when you almost injure yourself.

And you thank God you didn't break, roll, or twist anything so your addiction can carry on without any complications.

5. You watch your sport, study it, and take notes.

There's always something new to learn about it.

6. Your schedule revolves around it.

Weights, practice, games, and then the rest of your life comes into play.

7. It causes you to excessively sweat or tire yourself from exhaustion.

Due to a constant desire to get better, whether in the weight room or on the field/court.

8. Most likely, the people you hang out with the most, are also dealing with the same addiction as you, or a similar addiction with a different sport.

9. Your addiction makes you do insane things.

Like run extra sprints after practice, wake up at the crack of dawn, and lose sleep over it.

10. You can't imagine life without it.

If you or a friend relate to any or all of these, then you may be addicted to your sport. But no need to worry, it is by far one of the healthier addictions you could be diagnosed with. And as a college athlete myself, I say this addiction is what drives us to better performance, love for the sport, and discipline in everything we do.

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