The Significant Others From "Friends," Ranked
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The Significant Others From "Friends," Ranked

“Your collective dating record reads like a who's who of human crap!”

The Significant Others From "Friends," Ranked

It's no lie the six "Friends" dated more than their fair share of people over the show's ten season run. Whether they were lovable or just a little too quirky, they always gave the cast something to complain about. Here is a ranking of the significant others from least to most dateable.

NOTE: This list only includes significant others that were on at least two episodes.

25. Barry Farber

Engaged to: Rachel

Pros: He’s an orthodontist, so he’s probably rich.

Cons: Everything else. He cheated on Rachel with her best friend, Mindy, cheated on Mindy with Rachel, married Mindy, and then cheated on her with someone else.

24. Paolo

Dated: Rachel

Pros: He’s a gorgeous Italian with a think accent.

Cons: He’s pretty dumb and he tried to hit on Phoebe while he was with Rachel. Not cool. To quote Ross, "You are a huge crap weasel."

23. Emily Waltham

Married to: Ross

Pros: She really loves Ross and she’s always willing to share her chocolate with Joey.

Cons: She forbid Ross from seeing Rachel after they got married. Yes, he said Rachel’s name at the altar so it’s probably justified, but that doesn’t stop us from hating her for it.

22. Janine LaCroix

Dated: Joey

Pros: “Really hot dancer girl.” – Monica

Cons: She dated Joey for about 2.5 seconds and thought that gave her the right to choose his friends. Also, she was really mean to Chandler and Monica who we all know are not dull or too loud.

21. Mona

Dated: Ross

Pros: She was willing to date Ross after he failed to tell her that Rachel was pregnant with his baby.

Cons: There was nothing about her that was incredibly annoying, but there wasn’t anything that great either; she was just kind of there. Also, what kind of person wants to send out a couples Christmas card after, like, a month of dating?

20. Joanna

Dated: Chandler

Pros: She’s probably the most professional person Chandler has ever dated.

Cons: She’s super mean to her assistant, Sophie and she always has that mascara goop in the corner of her eye.

19. Mark Robinson

Dated: Rachel

Pros: He seems like a genuinely nice guy, and he helped Rachel land two jobs over the course of the show.

Cons: Even though I know it’s not his fault, I definitely blame him for Ross and Rachel’s “break.” Plus, we all know he was secretly rooting for their relationship to crash and burn.

18. Eric

Dated: Phoebe

Pros: What’s not to love about a sweet second-grade teacher? He’s kind of a nerd, which is exactly what Phoebe needs.

Cons: He was engaged to her twin sister. It’s creepy.

17. Kate Miller

Dated: Joey

Pros: It takes a special woman to make Joey Tribbiani want to settle down and Kate was exactly what he needed, even if it took a little convincing.

Cons: She cheats on her boyfriend with Joey when they first meet and then leaves Joey heartbroken and forced to act with that weird blonde girl who likes to paint mugs.

16. Elizabeth Stevens

Dated: Ross

Pros: She’s adorable, fun, and makes Ross loosen up for once in his life. Also, her dad is Bruce Willis.

Cons: Not only is she about thirteen years younger than Ross, she’s his student. She may have been adorable, but it really wasn’t worth risking his job. Also, her dad is the guy from “Die Hard.” That’s terrifying.

15. Fun Bobby

Dated: Monica

Pros: They don’t call him “Fun Bobby” for no reason.

Cons: Turns out, that reason was alcohol, and once you take away the tequila, he’s just “Boring Bobby”

14. Bonnie

Dated: Ross

Pros: She’s arguably the coolest girl Ross has ever dated (Sorry, Rach).

Cons: Phoebe identifies her as, “My friend who shaves her head,” which means there’s nothing that memorable about her actual personality. She’s just a roadblock in the way of Ross and Rachel’s love.

13. Carol Willick

Married to: Ross

Pros: She was married to Ross for three years, that couldn’t have been easy.

Cons: She sits back and watches as her wife, Susan, verbally attacks Ross every time they meet. She was also going to give Ben Susan’s last name and leave Ross out of the picture completely.

12. Pete Becker

Dated: Monica

Pros: Rolling in the dough. He was also very dedicated to Monica.

Cons: Dumb enough to think he can actually become the Ultimate Fighting Champion. He should really just stick to making computer software and taking women on dates to Italy in his private jet.

11. Gary

Dated: Phoebe

Pros: He talks about Phoebe the way every girl dreams to be talked about. Plus, he tried really hard to be involved with the rest of the friends, which is more than I can say for most of the losers the six dates.

Cons: He shot a bird through a window while lying in bed with his pacifist, vegetarian girlfriend.

10. Kathy

Dated: Joey and Chandler

Pros: She somehow dated two of the main characters without looking like a tramp. In fact, I actually really liked her.

Cons: She kissed Chandler while she was dating Joey and then cheated on Chandler.

9. Julie

Dated: Ross

Pros: She’s equal to Ross intellectually, which isn’t something we see often on the show. She was a nice beacon of hope for Ross in the love department after having nothing happen with Rachel for so long.

Cons: As sweet as she was, I couldn’t help but hate her for Rachel. Everyone knows they’re each other’s lobsters and nothing can stand in the way of that.

8. Charlie Wheeler

Dated: Joey and Ross

Pros: Let’s be honest, Ross is a know-it-it-all and it was nice to have someone on the show with a little more intelligence to bring him down a peg or two.

Cons: Who the heck takes back their ex after they’ve blackmailed your boyfriend? Unacceptable, even if said ex is Greg Kinnear.

7. Gavin Mitchell

Dated: Rachel

Pros: Tall, dark and handsome. He was kind of a jerk at first, but he turned out to be a great match for Rachel. Plus, there has to be some convenience in dating someone who has the exact same job as you.

Cons: There’s definitely an undeniable rivalry there when it comes to the job. At the end of the d ay, Rachel was just too confused about Ross to keep stringing Gavin along.

6. Joshua Burgin

Dated: Rachel

Pros: He has a vulnerability to him that is rare for the boyfriends on the show. He is really well dressed (thanks, Rachel), and he [almost] gives Rachel a second chance when she proposes to him after four dates.

Cons: He just got out of a bad divorce. Can you say, baggage? It was not the time to be diving into another relationship.

5. Tag Jones

Dated: Rachel

Pros: In the words of Rachel, “He’s so pretty I want to cry.”

Cons: He’s just too young for Rachel. It was fun for a while, but once she turned 30 it was time to get serious about the relationship she was in, which meant not dating someone who thinks it's funny to let his genitals answer the phone.

4. Janice Litman Goralnik

Dated: Chandler... multiple times

Pros: Yes, she was the most annoying significant other hands down, but after ten seasons of “Oh. My. God.” it was hard not to love her a little.

Cons: Just because she’s wormed her way into our hearts doesn’t mean we want to hear that voice any more than we have to. Seriously, she makes Fran Drescher seem soothing.

3. David

Dated: Phoebe

Pros: He’s so sweet and nerdy and there is never a shadow of a doubt that he loves Phoebe.

Cons: He left for Minsk and Phoebe grew out of him. Ten years is a long time to expect someone to wait for you, dude.

2. Richard Burke

Dated: Monica

Pros: He’s a real gentleman, he loves Monica despite her weird “isms,” and he actually has his life together, unlike the other boyfriends on the show (and most of the “Friends,” tbh). Plus, dude can rock a mustache.

Cons: He doesn’t want kids. I mean, you can’t blame him; I wouldn’t want to have a kid in my forties either. Honestly, though, part of me hopes that in another universe he and Monica are still together.

1. Mike Hannigan

Married to: Phoebe

Pros: He’s Paul-flippin-Rudd.

Cons: Absolutely nothing. I’d marry Mike, too.

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