Side Hoes Do Not Get The Right to Be Jealous When Someone New Comes Along

College is the time to make mistakes, have sex, drink more than your body weight & meet new people... while catching a degree. Freshman year I spoke to very few people and had no interest in making new friends. I did not want to join any clubs/ organizations, meet new faces, go out and drink or step out of my comfort zone - I was okay with being a nobody. It was not until Sophomore year when I decided to try new things & that involved having casual hookups. I made an account on Tinder and found myself having more side pieces than I expected.

There was, and is, nothing wrong with having a booty call. I have more than one because each piece has different potential. On certain days I prefer a casual encounter & then leave, but there other days when I prefer to be pounded. Not every candidate was capable of meeting the needs I would prefer that day, so I ended up having too many side pieces.

The thing about being a side piece is understanding the boundaries, the set rules. As a side piece/ side hoe, it is crucial to understand you are nothing more than someone who gets asked for sex and nudes - no dates, phone calls, hangouts... none of that. Once a side piece expects more than the casual hookups, that's when things get complicated - especially when someone with dating potential comes around.

The hoe stage does not last forever - for me, it was a year. It eventually gets old and boring. It is eventually time to settle down, and that is when a side piece will become jealous.

After a few good encounters, feelings do brew - they do, so do not lie about it. I have had crushes on many of my hoes, but they never knew/never will know. But, once you tell these boys about going on a date, meeting someone new, or wanting to end things - there tends to become resentment & jealousy.

Let me say this loud enough for the people in the back:


You do not have the right to be upset when we blow off some D for a nice date - girls have feelings, ya know? We get tired of being used, the same way we are using our hoes, so it feels nice having a date & talking about more than the next position. If you are a side piece and are seeking more than sex, then speak up about your feelings. If you wait to speak up about feelings, you have had since day one, when a new man comes around - then you just look jealous.

As a side hoe, you cannot be jealous when someone better comes along. Did you really think these hookups would last forever - I hope not. Be careful when agreeing to be nothing more than a side hoe because things can, and will, get complicated.

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