Why You Shouldn't Purchase Makeup From Jeffree Star Cosmetics
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Why You Shouldn't Purchase Makeup From Jeffree Star Cosmetics

He's not the man you think he is.

Why You Shouldn't Purchase Makeup From Jeffree Star Cosmetics

For those of you who don't know who Jeffree Star is, he started releasing music after gaining much popularity on MySpace back in the late 2000s, but then quit a few years later. He wasn't really doing much for a while until he decided to create a makeup company back in 2014, the brand being called "Jeffree Star Cosmetics".

I'm not going to lie, I've purchased a liquid lipstick from his brand and the formula was absolutely amazing, one of the best that I've ever tried, but I'm never buying anything from his brand or supporting him again. I had just bought the lipstick around the time I first started watching his YouTube videos and he seemed like a pretty funny and cool guy who really cared about how well his products worked so yeah, I went ahead and bought it.

I was really getting into watching his videos so I started religiously checking his social media and saw that it wasn't the same Jeffree from the videos. On Twitter and Snapchat, he would get angered easily and lash out at brands and people significantly smaller than him (in terms of following). He seemed very insecure and bitter but I continued to watch his videos, which showed a funny and upbeat Jeffree.

A while after I bought from him, he went to his Snapchat and posted videos on his Snapchat story about a makeup artist, who goes by MakeupByShayla, on social media. To sum up the whole situation, Jeffree said that he heard a follower ask Shayla if she thought that she, the fan, should get lip fillers and that Shayla had responded, “You need them bitch, your face is disproportioned” at an event in New York. Ultimately, Jeffree just gave his side of the story and then proceeded to talk about how he would “beat her (Shayla) to the ground” and called her a series of disgusting names in a vicious manner on his Snapchat story. A day or two after all of this transpired, I saw a video compilation from a couple of years ago of him using the N word numerous times and a lot of people think that he went after Shayla for the sole reason that he’s a racist, which I believe.

What I don’t understand is how if Shayla had really said that, why didn’t Jeffree call her out right in her face for being rude and unprofessional opposed to waiting until he got back home to Los Angeles, all the way across the country? He said that he didn’t want to be unprofessional in New York, but it would've been more professional to just nicely call her out right after she said that at the event instead of waiting and attacking her on social media to his millions of followers, but like I said earlier, he’s just a racist piece of garbage.

In a YouTube video that was made with a user called “Sharloid”, Jeffree talks about throwing battery acid on a black woman’s face in order to “lighten her skin tone”, which is absolutely mortifying and proves that he’s a racist. In the description of the video, the two claimed that it was a joke, but there's nothing humorous about what Jeffree said, it's revolting.

After all of this and then some, I refuse to support a racist and can find some other liquid lipstick. However, a lot of people don’t get that by purchasing Jeffree’s products, you’re condoning his behavior. You might say that at the end of the day, someone’s going to buy the makeup anyways but if everyone who was aware of what kind of monster he was stopped purchasing from him, he would have a significantly large drop in sales and realize that he needs to check his attitude and behavior. Many people have said that the videos of him using the N word and so on were from a long time ago, but he’s still an insecure man who feels the need to bully those smaller than him to feel better about his pathetic self so the length of time since then means nothing.

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