Dating someone new is filled with so many emotions. Some of them good, and some of them bad but all are relatable for anyone who has ever entered the dating scene. If anyone can relate to the awkwardness of dating someone new, it's YouTube's Shane Dawson. Shane is a top creator on YouTube for being able to relate to people in numerous ways. His videos are full of sassy, sarcastic, and hysterical content that make many viewers think "YAAAASSSS he gets me!". This explains why Shane still gets millions of views on his video even though he's been creating content for almost 10 years. So enjoy these Shane gifs explaining the ups and downs of every new relationship.

When you decide it's finally time to put yourself back out there.

When your friends suggest you try Tinder, Bumble, or Hinge and you're just like:

When you decide to go out to meet guys in person and it feels pretty much hopeless:

When you finally meet one guy who you think might have potential:

When you shoot you're shot and find out he likes you back:

When you remember the potential downside of catching feelings:

When you stalk their social media to see what they are like and find out he respects women and loves puppies too:

That feeling when they ask you to go out with them:

When you're getting ready for the first date:

When he says you look cute and you try to remain chill:

When you find out your interests don't line up completely to his but you still like him regardless:

When they start talking about their ex and you try to comfort him like:

When the date ends and they go in for the first kiss:

When the date ends and you're just left standing there like:

When your friends ask how it went and you're like:

When you're describing how cute he is to everyone:

When you see your ex when out with your new man:

When you're Grandma starting asking when you two will get married:

When he decides to start a fight with you:

When you have to fight the urge to say something that will probably end your relationship:

When you say the stupid thing and he eventually breaks up with you:

When you realize the relationship is actually over:

When you can't decide if you were in the right or if you should apologize to him:

When your friends tell you he was never meant to be your "forever":

When your friends convince you to go out to the bar to get over him:

When a guy tries to hit on you at the bar and you're too drunk to take it seriously:

When you "swear off" dating again because you're convinced it sucks:

When you remember all the great things about dating immediately after "swearing it off":

When you catch feelings again and realize the cycle is about to start again:

When you still have hope in finding your perfect match: