16 Funny Senior Year College Apartment Stories
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Student Life

16 Abnormal Apartment Things That Become Normal In Your Senior Year Of College

We've all been there, you can admit it.

16 Abnormal Apartment Things That Become Normal In Your Senior Year Of College
Renee Kennedy

Senior year of college is a weird time for everyone.

We're right on the verge of being independent adults but sometimes we just refuse to grow up. Since the first day of our senior year, my roommates and I have been in constant denial that we will ever have to graduate and face reality. As the year quickly comes to an end, I've had time to reflect on all of the weird things that have gone on in our apartment.

These are 16 of them and I'm sure we're not the only ones with a wild story.

1. Photoshop happens, way too often.

Renee Kennedy

This one in particular was a masterpiece.

2. One roommate believes they're good at gymnastics and decides to practice on the kitchen floor

Renee Kennedy

This ended with some bruises...

3. The other roommate goes down, hard, on the kitchen floor

Renee Kennedy

... as did this one

4. Too many roommates in one bed, usually results in a broken bed

Renee Kennedy

Too many roommates in a king bed did not end so well.

5. One roommate decides she's religious

Renee Kennedy

This was a shocker to all of us.

6. The same roommate then comes home accompanied by five paramedics and two police officers

Renee Kennedy

Which ended in me signing as the sober guardian.

7. The roommates clean up their act because one of the roommates' parents come to visit

Renee Kennedy

Just three innocent angels

8. The two most mathematically challenged roommates attempt to plan a school trip

Renee Kennedy

Counting was not exactly our strong suit.

9. Wigs happen

Renee Kennedy

Handling money is way more fun while wearing a wig, you should try it.

10. The roommates become The Incredibles

Renee Kennedy

Nothing like homemade costumes.

11. The roommates attempt to dye their own hair

Renee Kennedy

Honestly it came out pretty good, aside from a little hair loss.

12. One roommate takes a trip to the ER

Renee Kennedy

... and eight stitches later.

13. The roommates clean the apartment (rare)

Renee Kennedy

One of three times our apartment has ever been clean.

14. One roommate believes she can fly

Renee Kennedy

Goes sky diving once

15. Banana suits also happen

Renee Kennedy

I'm not sure what to say about this photo.

16. The roommates then make a viral video of their adventures to conclude their senior year

Renee Kennedy

Premium content, if I do say so myself.

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