I'm A College Senior Who Feels Like A Freshman

I'm A Senior And I Feel Like A Freshman

I don't know if I'm ready for this


Going into your senior year is a massive blur, where your brain cannot comprehend reaching the final year of school.

And realizing not only is this year the senior year of college, but it's also potentially your last year of school...ever.

Get in those "first, last day of school," pictures, and bubble with the excitement of being the top of the food chain.

But you're gonna hit a point, an almost shocking point where you ask yourself, "what am I doing here?"

Who is letting me graduate college, and why?

And how on earth am I actually going to find a job that pertains to my major?

We go into college thinking we can study whatever we want, be whatever we want, and then reality hits one day, you're actually going to have to "be," that!


In many ways, I feel like the same girl I was beginning my college years, I don't necessarily feel older or even better.

But in a couple months, I'm gonna have to be.

I won't be given a meal plan for food nearby, I won't live among peers and people my age, I won't have an apartment I won't have to pay rent for, and so on and so forth.

Are we ready to be done with school? YES!

Are we ready for the real world...ehh maybe some of us.

I think another reality check I've had is that to become the adult I want to be hasn't come with age, or which year of college I'm in, it doesn't just happen.

Reaching your twenties doesn't give you an automatic pass into adult living, it's not as easy as selecting a major can be.

Unfortunately, if you don't put forth the effort, you may even be that same freshman you came in as.

Growth requires changes, movement, replacing and adding to.

If it's solely a mindset or an idea of yours it'll never just come out the way in which you've deceived yourself in thinking it will.

Now reading this, it sounds pretty obvious, but yet we continue to do it.

And continue to assume things might just happen, eventually.

Sooner or later you'll realize later is now. Not that it's the end, and you HAVE to have everything figured out, but its a milestone. A big moment in life where a lot will change at once, independence will not be expected of you, a job isn't exactly an option, and money is something worth saving if you haven't done so already.

I'm a firm believer in change and believing anyone CAN change.

It can be terrifying, but I know we are all capable of it.

Of growing up, putting one foot in front of the other, putting your big girl/or boy pants on, applying yourself, getting out of the house and doing it.

Because you're a senior now, you're not the freshman you once were, and that's a good thing.

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6 Things I Didn't Really Need in My Freshman Dorm, And 6 Things I Wish I Brought Instead

I promise you, being Pinterest-worthy just doesn't make sense in a dorm.

As I packed up my dorm room and unpacked it all once I got home, I kinda felt stupid. I moved in with 2 cars full of stuff (yes, I know how extra that sounds and yes, it was indeed that extra) and I didn't end up needing half of it. Now, I'm swimming in stuff I need to get rid of while holding on to the stuff I didn't realize I would need and ended up buying mid-year. No matter how much you think you know everything, first-time dorm residents, please listen.

6 things I DIDN'T need but swore I did

1. All my personal books

I mean, I'm an English major and I love to read, but no one, and I mean no one, A) has free time and B) uses that free time to read in college.

2. Keurig

There's a coffee shop I can use my cafe credits at on my way to class. I never woke up early enough to brew my own coffee, and I never craved it bad enough in the afternoon to feel like I needed to make my own immediately. It was nice to make tea with though.

3. Dishes and Silverware/Excessive Mugs

All you need is 1 mug and a couple of water bottles. I promise you paper plates and plastic silverware are all you need.

4. An overabundance of office supplies

I didn't use all those fancy office supplies in high school, so as much as I love them, I have yet to reach for them in college.

5. T.V.

The T.V. I had was only slightly bigger than my laptop screen and the wifi at my dorm wasn't good enough for streaming. I hardly used it, but I know others used theirs a lot. Just a personal preference!

6. Tons of wall art

I totally believe wall art has the power to make a dorm room feel less institutional, but I wish I had brought more pictures from home to make my room personal. Pinterest dorm rooms just aren't real, and they aren't what you want when you're homesick.

6 things I wish I had bought before school started

1. ID Lanyard

I personally love these ones from Vera Bradley , but honestly, any way you can carry your ID, money, and keys all in one is a life changer.

2. Earplugs/Eye Mask

Dorms are loud even during quiet hours and sometimes your roommate stays up later or gets up earlier than you do. Amazon couldn't ship these to me fast enough.

3. Wireless Headphones/Earbuds

Personally, I'm an earbuds girl, but either one does the trick. It's nice to not have to deal with cords and to be able to connect to any of your devices without an adapter.

4. Laptop Shell/Stickers

Almost everyone ends up ordering stickers to put on their laptop to express themselves to those around them. On a practical level though, you're probably going to have the same laptop as 5+ other students in your lecture and you will probably throw your laptop in a bag and run at some point. A shell and some stickers will provide more protection than you realize. Check out http://www.redbubble.com for some great options.

5. Small vacuum

This is especially important if you get a rug. Sweeping is not pleasant, and the vacuums at your dorm are probably older than you are.

6. Pictures from home

Like I said before, wall art isn't going to comfort you when you want to go home. A picture of your dog or best friend sure will though.

Cover Image Credit: Lauren Gherna

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Hey, Senior, Don't Just Wish Everything Away Just Yet — Enjoy The Moment You're In

The future will be there waiting for you when you get there, so live now.


It's that time again when the senioritis starts to hit a little too hard, and you just can't wait to get the hell out of high school. Along with this comes the ridiculous number of people telling you not to wish it away because you can't ever get those years back. But, I know you're thinking of why you would even want them back in the first place. I am not here to tell you that those four years are the best years of your life — they definitely aren't, but they sure do hold some pretty great memories. Trust me when I say this: you will miss them.

Senior year is the year of all the lasts. At the time, it seemed like there were so many lasts that we would never run out of them. There was practically an unlimited supply of lasts until there wasn't. The hard truth about being a senior is that no one tends to think about the fact that everything is ending until it is already over.

By the second semester, everyone has already picked their school, and the excitement is so exhilarating. The future is so close you can almost reach out and touch it. The only problem with all of this excitement is that it can be so easy to live in it. Your future looks so bright that you're already there mentally. While it's okay to be excited, sometimes you can get so wrapped up in the future that you forget to live. Remember to live in the moment every day because it's something you can never get back.

One day, the lasts will run out.

You will watch your home team play one last game, go to your last dance, walk out of those double doors one more and never go back. You will walk into that gym bearing your school colors one last time in your cap and gown standing side by side with all of your closest friends, and just like that the lasts are over. Those four years that everyone swore wouldn't go by fast are gone. All of the great times become nothing but beautiful memories, and that is all you're left with are memories.

You will never get those times back, so it's time to start living them now. Live your life to the fullest. Most importantly, live for now. Your future is looking so bright — there's no shame in being excited about it — but remember that their future will be there waiting for you when you get there. Slow down, take it all in, and enjoy all of the lasts while you still have them.


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