27 Truths Of Living In Your First College Apartment
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Student Life

27 Truths Of Living In Your First College Apartment

No matter how gross, this place and the people in it will forever hold a special place in your heart.

27 Truths Of Living In Your First College Apartment

Who can forget the glory days of living in their first college apartment? The messy sink, weird smells, clogged toilets and passive-aggressive roommate moments are all too familiar. Nonetheless, we cannot help but smile as we look back on these reckless days. No matter how gross, this place and the people in it will forever hold a special place in our hearts, as proven by these 27 memorable truths:

1. Your apartment will not live up to your Pinterest expectations

2. The place will stay clean for approximately 3 days

3. It will quickly become referred to as "the shithole"

4. Your cleaning habits will quickly catch up with you

5. Your kitchen sink will become your worst nightmare

6. The passive aggressiveness will become all too real

7. Arguments will arise

8. Tensions will increase

9. Sharing will become a foreign concept

10. Nothing will be worse than THIS


12. Or coming back from a long day to THIS

13. There will come a night when you are trying to study and nobody will shut up

14. You will realize there is more to the culinary arts than meets the eye

15. Your roommate will have guests over and they will add even more shit to your endless pile of shit

16. Inevitably, you will walk into the bathroom only to discover a clogged toilet

17. Not only will you become a pro at unclogging toilets...

18. ...but your problem-solving skills will also become quite impressive

19. This will be you after each monthly payment

20. You will come to appreciate the fact that you never have to be alone

21. And will miss the nights of random dance parties

22. And late night wine talks

23. And will realize how much you love these awesome dweebs you call roommates, the friends who turned into family

24. When move-out day arrives, you will look back on your place with fondness and nostalgia

25. And realize you will oddly miss the things you never thought you would

26. Because as much as you thought you hated ye ol' shithole

27. You know there will be no apartment quite like your first

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