Selldretti is Making a Mark in The Rap Game
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Selldretti is Making a Mark in The Rap Game

Selldretti is an American rapper, lyricist, and producer residing in Fayetteville, U.S. In 2017, his hit single "Welcome to Columbus, Ga" got numerous positive reviews thus leading to his popularity in the music industry. He is an entrepreneur and hip-hop artist who is making a name for himself in the rap game. Being in the industry for years, Selldretti is using his connections and fanbase as a foundation to grow his record label Selldretti Music.

Selldretti is Making a Mark in The Rap Game

The amount of effort, time, and energy it takes to elevate your career to the next level is astounding. Selldretti is becoming known as one of the best with a microphone, and people often say he has the rhythm to go straight to the top.

Selldretti was born in Columbus, Georgia where he went to Northside High School. Before graduating, he enrolled in the United States Army with the rank of Private First Class. He can balance being an artist with being a successful entrepreneur seamlessly. He is just going with the flow and producing songs one after another in the production studio.

Part of his approach is to never get disheartened by any failure in life. His passion remains the same at all times, as he continues to flourish in the music scene. Selldretti is proving his skills all the time in his songs. He is undoubtedly worthy of listening too with lyrics that connect with everyone and incredible production from his very own label. With his music, he is also developing his team and growing step by step as a production company.

In years of making music, he has done many songs and albums for countless artists. The good thing about Selldretti is that he is not overconfident; he is continuously gathering more and more knowledge about how to come up with songs that can relate to any music lover, and he actively puts new music out for his fans and audience.

We feel Selldretti's future is brighter than most other rappers in the upcoming music world today!

You can see more from Selldretti on Instagram and listen to his new song on iTunes.

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