Too many times in my generation, I have seen people looking for love and affirmation through others. We attach ourselves to someone who makes us feel good. Some of us have yet to develop and see how special we are. We rely on others for our self-love, fishing for constant boosters about ourselves because we never learned to love ourselves.

It's toxic.

When that person makes a mistake, they drag you down with them. A healthy relationship has a certain amount of independence along with it. Being able to do things on your own, dealing with life's issues and if the relationship does fall, not lashing out at every available opportunity just to let your friend know how much they hurt you.

Stop, you can't expect others to make up for that fact that you aren't happy with who you are. It's immature and the real issue is you are mad at the person for bringing out your insecurity. The key to loving yourself is letting go of your flaws and seeing that those are the characteristics that make you different from anyone else.

Many people look for the reasons of their insecurity because of something that happened to them. Yes, it's unfair and terrible. Life doesn't always make sense. You survived, so stop using the excuse that you are broken. You were given another chance. Use the fact that you survived as your reason to strive to be the best you can be.

The key to success is loving yourself and believing in yourself. It means stepping outside of your comfort zone and believing you can, even if you don't. Find those things that challenge you and latch on to them. Master them, because if you follow your passion, there are very few ways to be bored with your life.

Find resources, try new things, you will meet people who will help you achieve your dreams. There are two kinds of people in life, bucket fillers and bucket dippers. There are people who will manipulate you and bring you down, due to the fact that you are insecure about yourself and feed off of you. Do not keep people in your life who slow you down or try to change you. Keep those people who continuously push you to achieve your dreams.

The only person who you can truly count on is yourself. But, if you fill your life with people who fill you up and open your mind, you will be much happier. You will also learn to love yourself and be able to depend on yourself.

Stop doubting yourself and using excuses. The moment you stop looking for affirmation, self-love and boosters from others for the purpose of healing yourself, you will be successful.