Why Self-Care Should Be Your Sunday Ritual

Why Self-Care Should Be Your Sunday Ritual

It's the most gratifying thing and the best part of the week.

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My favorite day of the week is -and always has been- Sunday. Sunday's are the absolute best days to get things done, or to do nothing at all. Everyone loves a lazy Sunday. What everyone should love, though, is self-care Sunday.

I've been practicing the self-care Sunday rituals for months now. It's the absolute best part of my week. Self-care Sunday is perfect because it's a mix between a lazy Sunday and a Sunday Funday.

So what is it?

For me, every self-care Sunday is a spa day. I wake up late, put on a face mask, shower, exfoliate, use a hair mask, do a pore strip, and moisturize every Sunday. One of the benefits to this is that it isn't sporadic. Your body tends to like regularity, so doing certain things around the same time every week is a lot more beneficial than someone would really think of.

Self-care Sundays are also really good laundry days, movie days, nail salon days, etc. A self-care Sunday is a day you want to look forward to, and therefore, is full of whichever activities you want. But if you're not so fortunate as to have the whole day to yourself, a lot of these things don't take long. A face mask after work will do wonders, and you certainly deserve to treat yourself. Do whatever you need to do to make your self-care Sunday all about you.

There are so many different things to make your Sunday all about feeling good! You could do arts and crafts, make it a group night and have all your friends over to have a self-care day, you could make it a cleaning day, or a reading day, a movie day, a cooking day, anything you want. Just remember to leave on some good music for a better vibe.

I don't see any reason not to have a self-care Sunday! They're fun, productive, and they're the nicest thing you can do for yourself. If you don't have enough time to do little self-care things throughout the week this is a great way to get into the habit of being nice and treating yourself.

My roommates all look forward to Sunday's with me, even if they don't participate. What I've noticed is that when you do enough self-care, it affects the people around you. It reminds people to care for themselves as well. Not only that, but if people see you being nice to yourself, they feel a deeper respect for you because of the effort you put into yourself. Also, seeing people do little self-care things for themselves tends to make you feel some odd sense of happy. A sense of "wow, how cute, glad they're doing okay."

So if you have time for a self-care Sunday, do it! It's the most gratifying thing and the best part of the week.

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