5 Reasons Why Self Care Is Important For Your Health

5 Reasons Why Self Care Is Important For Your Health

Self-care is not a reward.


Self-care is the most important way to boost and maintain both emotional and physical health. Many people today neglect it due to a lack of time, and this negatively impacts the lives of those who do not make sure they are putting themselves first. Self care should always come first, and should never be a reward. Allowing yourself to eat, shower, or even use the bathroom should never come second other tasks. This means that we as people need to accept that some things may need to be put on hold so that we can properly care for ourselves. Below is the list of reasons as to why self care is so important to implement, as well as a list of self care activities.

1. Self care reduces stress levels.

By taking just a few minutes to yourself each day you can allow yourself to be more productive, as well as produce higher quality work. This is because stress has a negative effect on both the mind and body hindering both quantity and quality of work.

2. Self care prevents people from giving up.

In today's society people are praised and judged on how well they multitask. We see multitasking as increasing efficiency, but taking on too many tasks at once increases stress and anxiety. It also tires out your brain and body because you are pushing yourself either too hard or beyond your limits. Another way to keep yourself from giving up is to challenge negative self-talk. Self-talk is our inner voice of conscious and unconscious thoughts. Instead of telling yourself that it is pointless to study for a test because you are going to fail you should tell yourself that if you study you are less likely to fail, or that you can achieve a good great with studying and determination.

3. Self care aids in maintaining focus and refocusing.

Taking breaks from stressful or difficult tasks reduces stress and anxiety allowing you to perform better on tasks when returning to them due to an increase in rationality and drive. Make sure to keep breaks short to avoid procrastination, prevent anxiety, and to avoid raising stress levels.

4. Self care aids with the completion of daily


Making sure you receive enough sleep and proper nutrition is crucial in providing yourself with the energy to complete the most basic daily tasks such as showering, doing laundry, and running errands.

5. Self care boosts personal happiness.

Eating, sleeping, maintaining personal hygiene, exercise, reading, or even watching your favorite television show allows you to feel more comfortable and relaxed allowing feelings of happiness due to a lack or stress.

Self care activities:

Doing one thing at a time, read, use a planner/make a daily schedule, create a budget, go for a walk, cooking, keep a journal, write poetry, draw, paint, color, talk about things that bother you, meditate, deep muscle relaxation, take a shower or bath, go for a walk or run, deep breathing, take time to process feelings and emotions, watch a movie or television show, attend support groups or therapy, exercise, yoga, take a nap, challenging negative self-talk, go out with friends, incorporate positive affirmations or positive self-talk, reward yourself for completing difficult tasks, photograph things that interest you, brush your hair, do your makeup, write a letter, volunteer, garden, get a haircut, do laundry, clean your living space, take a day trip or vacation, go for a bike ride, go to a concert, sleep in, go out to dinner, collage, knit, sew, crochet, go on a date, cuddle, get a massage, get a manicure or pedicure, use essential oils, eat healthy, go camping, go hiking, go dancing, say no to invitations or requests when you already feel overwhelmed, always ask for help when you need it, and remind yourself that it is okay to feel the emotions you are currently feeling.

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