Reasons To Love Lazy Sundays

I consider myself an active person. I work part time during the week while attending college full time. I study to the point I fall asleep on my books, squeeze in time to workout, salvage my social life and of course eat. I’m on the go six days a week. Although when Sunday rolls on through, it may as well be the heaven sent day of the week.

I try not to do anything on Sundays except maybe move from my bed to the couch, or to the fridge to get milk for my Cheerios. It is the day of the week to relax and not do anything. My inner laziness is displayed at its finest. Disgruntled hair, baggy sweatpants, a long sleeve that is two times too big, fuzzy socks, and endless amounts of blankets. Anyway, here is a list of reasons why I love lazy Sundays so so so very much.

1. My inner potato is displayed.

I just don’t like to do anything. It is my day to be the lazy potato that I am, have some nachos, watch some football or hockey, and sleep.

2. Rainier the better!

Rainy days automatically call for curling up on the couch and watching endless movies and fall asleep thirty minute in.

3. Cold days around Christmas.

The season is upon us, and there is nothing better than having a fireplace, Christmas decorations all around and a Christmas flick to watch.

4. Ignoring Responsibilities.

I ignore everything on Sunday. Life starts again on Monday at the sound of my alarm.

5. Imaginative.

There is nothing better than getting lost in a book for hours on end. Some people can’t stand the sight, but I embrace them and may immerse myself for a couple hours.

6. Why Change Clothes?

Okay if you went out the night before shower and change. Other than that, if there’s no obligation to something that day, why change out of those comfy clothes? Who is going to see anyway? -- Better yet, who cares?

7. Catching Up With the Fam Fam.

I catch up with my family on Sundays. I wake up, drag myself to my car, drive home, then just plop on the couch and continue my couch-laying marathon for the rest of the day. While also talking to my family of course!

8. In the Fall & Winter, it’s all about Football & Hockey.

It is the truly the most wonderful time of the year when you can eat Sunday appetizers and catch a game, maybe check a fantasy score. It can be the excitement for the day and sometimes the year for the big games!

9. It’s Your Time!

Do what you will with your Sunday. I have active Sundays where I get up and run, do some errands. I dread Mondays, and cry looking at the ridiculous amounts of homework I have do for the upcoming week. I have those moments a lot. When I do have a lazy Sunday of nothing, I cherish that like a little kid cherishes their first stuffed animal. So do what you will with your Sunday. Active or lazy!
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