11 Things That Count As Self-Care, Even If They Don't Look Pretty On Instagram

11 Things That Count As Self-Care, Even If They Don't Look Pretty On Instagram

Self-care isn't always soaking in a bath, glass of wine in hand. Sometimes, it's just keeping up with basic daily functions.

Self-care has become a trend as of late, and everyone loves showing off their various means of treating themselves on the internet. When we take a bubble bath or splurge on a spa day, we immediately head to Instagram to brag about our self-care.

And while there's nothing wrong with taking pride in our self-care routines, it's important to remember that caring for yourself doesn't always happen in glamorous ways that look pretty on social media.

Sometimes, self-care is just a matter of keeping up with your daily functions.

Here are 11 actions we don't typically view as caring for ourselves, even though they totally count as that.

1. Getting enough sleep at night

As a society, we typically brag about getting less sleep. But making sure that you get to bed at a reasonable hour is crucial to maintaining your mental and physical health. Sure, telling everyone that you're asleep at eight o'clock doesn't sound cool, but you'll thank yourself the following day.

2. Canceling plans for some alone time

Bailing on outings with your friends shouldn't become a habit, but sometimes, it's incredibly necessary. If you've ever had an exhausting, infuriating day at work, you'll know this to be true. So allow yourself to sit on the couch and spend time with yourself. Your social media game may be weak for the night, but your mental health game will be top notch.

3. Cleaning your living space

Whether you spend most of your time in a single room or have an entire apartment to worry about, being surrounded by mess can be demoralizing. For many of us, tidying up is key to staying motivated and productive. So while we don't look forward to cleaning, it's still a necessary factor in taking care of ourselves.

4. Doing your laundry

When we say to "treat yo'self," shopping is often the first thing to come to mind. But buying clothes isn't the only means of caring for yourself. There's also the matter of preserving that wardrobe. And as no one enjoys wearing dirty clothes or resorting to older outfits, doing laundry is a necessary step towards feeling good about yourself.

That pile of laundry can also be extremely daunting if you let it build.

5. Taking daily vitamins

OK, there are definitely some health aficionados that upload photographs of their vitamin regime for all to see. But most of us barely remember to take the damned things. But if you do manage to prioritize ingesting those capsules every day, it'll do wonders for how you feel physically.

6. Scheduling doctors' appointments

Most of us hardly want to do this one, much less boast about it on our social media accounts. Scheduling annual or bi-annual visits to your physician is more important than most of us realize. In order to take care of yourself, you need to be aware of your own physical state.

And check-ups help us stay on top of such things.

7. Staying on top of your water intake

Hydration is one of the most important factors affecting our health, yet many of us overlook that little detail. If you're always on the go, it's so easy to forget to take a drink. And most of us are more concerned with soft drinks and coffee to bother reaching for water.

Drinking your daily recommended water intake positively impacts your mental and physical health. Take care of yourself, and make sure you do it.

8. Eating three meals per day

This seems simple, but you'd be surprised by how many people skip meals when they're busy. We run out the door without having a proper breakfast, and we get home and collapse without eating dinner. Some people really do struggle with planning and eating meals, so remembering to eat can definitely fall into the self-care category.

9. Maintaining basic hygiene

Self-care isn't only about getting a savvy new haircut or going for a pedicure. There are people that struggle just to properly bathe and maintain a hygienic physical appearance on a daily basis. So if those people make it a point to brush their hair or wash their face, good for them. That's positive self-care.

10. Unplugging from technology

It would be some task posting this item to Instagram. But in all seriousness, we all need a break from the constant flux of information coming from our phones and computers. That's not something we all love to admit, but it's a principal component of self-care for most people.

11. Saying no

We should make it more acceptable to brag about this one. We're a "yes" society by nature, and most of us jump through hoops to be the best versions of ourselves. So when our professors or bosses try to throw one more task our way, we oblige.

Making the word "no" a part of our daily vocabulary is a huge step towards taking care of ourselves. Don't say "yes" to so many things that you stress yourself out trying to handle them all.

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It's Time To Take More 'Me Time'

Did you ever stop and think about how important "me time" is?


I know it's not everyone's first priority to think about just hanging out by themselves for a day, but why isn't it? Self-care is so important and some people don't do enough of it. Here are some way you can get some me time in, while still having a productive day.

Me time doesn't just mean relaxing

Yes, sometimes we all need a break, maybe it's just taking a long shower, laying in bed for an extra hour, or treating yourself to a yummy dessert. But, having me time doesn't necessarily mean you can't be productive. Have yourself a day and learn to enjoy your own company. Being around family and friends is certainly nice, but sometimes taking some time to yourself and collecting your own thoughts is good for your health.

It's okay to say no

No thanks. It's something that some people don't realize that it's okay to say no, just let them know beforehand. Such a cleshay, but it's not going to change anything if you say no to hanging out with your friends for one night. Take a night off and put on a movie or your favorite tv show and chill in bed with some of your favorite snacks.

Schedule it

We schedule classes and dentist appointments in our daily lives, but why don't we schedule me time? Sometimes just telling yourself that you're going to give yourself 20 minutes before your next task gives you a time dedicated to relax and collect your thoughts. It may seem funny to think about, but this is how you will be able to fully remind yourself, and hold yourself accountable, to giving yourself some alone time.

Treat yourself

Do it. Buy it. Now. Second guessing is first nature, but who needs a second opinion when your gut is telling you one thing? Once in awhile it's good to get yourself a sweet dessert or the new pair or shoes you've been eyeing.


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Never feel guilty for taking time to yourself. Others will understand, but in the end, they're not you! Remember that taking me time is important for your overall health and encourage everyone around you to do it. Keep in mind that carving out some time for yourself is vital for the long run. Laugh and smile more.

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