Imagining a whole semester without some of my best friends is not easy. Some will study abroad in the fall and when they come back, others will go in the spring. While junior year is a well-known and famous year for studying abroad, I'm not ready for a semester without my best friends, but of course I'm excited for them. I'm beyond excited to hear all about their adventures; from Australia to Europe and everywhere in between, they're truly going to have the time of their lives. I can't wait for the stories and the lessons, only to one day travel to these places myself. So my friends, this is for you.

To my friends studying abroad,

It's extremely important to know that this isn't 'goodbye', it's 'see you later'. This is for an entire semester, but this time apart will not change our friendship one bit. I know you're filled with both excitement and fear, but once your planes land, you'll be beginning one of the most memorable adventures of your life. Don't worry about your friends at home; we'll still be here. We'll hold down the fort until you come home, but until then, just enjoy your adventures.

Whether this time apart is for one semester or many years, it wouldn't change a thing. The friendships we've made these past two years are full of too much strength to ever break. Explore. Adventure. Take pictures. Make memories. Make friends. Do all of this and bring it all home to share.

While your abroad, be sure to be safe. Take caution and call anytime. There may be a time change, some small and some large, but we'll without a doubt find time to talk. Nothing will change while you're gone; the only change will be that you're not here, but you'll be back and we already can't wait.

From what you've told me, I know you're nervous. You may be nervous to leave friends and family for a few months or maybe you're nervous to travel, but whatever reasoning these nerves are jumping about, it's normal. These worries don't need to include friendships because we will be here when you come home. We will be ready to welcome you back into the U.S. and are already counting down the days until this happens.

So, speaking for all of your friends who will be at college, make sure to have the time of your lives and keep in touch, but make time for yourselves as well and time to explore. This isn't goodbye, it's see you later. "Goodbye" can imply negativity or the chance of not seeing one another again, but that's not what this is. This is "see you later". We'll have open arms ready for you when you step foot on campus again.

Go see the world and we'll see you later.