The Unquenchable Fire Of Life
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The Unquenchable Fire Of Life

I exist only in extremities, like a forest fire or a hurricane.

The Unquenchable Fire Of Life

Similar to fire, we are warm-blooded beings, but sometimes we live as barely existing, or worse like the living dead with no motivation or purpose in life. We walk around miserable and depressed, because either we have given up on our goals or allowed ourselves to be overcome by life's ups and downs. We have lost our way or we simply do not know what to do with our lives.

Think about how fire spreads to everything it touches and dances so gracefully above the surface while destroying everything beneath it. We discover that we have all experienced conflict in our lives and that to that extent it is inevitable-like fire. We find that like conflict, fire has the potential for destruction but also for opportunity, warmth, and light.

What is crucial is our attitude toward fire, and by extension, conflict. If we see conflict as something bad, when it surfaces, we run or fight. When we allow another view of conflict as inevitable with the potential for destruction and growth, then we discover our choices.We learn about the dynamics of fire and what is needed to sustain and snuff a fire.

In forests where fire is left to occur naturally, it helps keep the forest floor free of materials that cause destructive forest fires. When we overprotect our forests and prevent fire from doing its job, our forests burn to the ground.

You were born with fire inside you, and this world is determined to stamp it out. You will see it when you stand up for yourself and when you're told "It isn't polite to raise your voice." You can be fire or you can be what's getting burned. Either way, you gain and lose equally. Pick what's worth what to you. Either you destroy the past or you burn with regret. The best thing you can do is master the chaos in you. You are not thrown into the fire, you are the fire.

You can never let them take your flames. Instead, you must burn brighter than ever before.

Find your fire.

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