There are millions of languages in the world. This includes love languages.

We love different people in different ways and often times don’t need to use the word “love” to let them know.

You can express it with admiration. When you tell them you’re lucky to have them in your life. When you say that you’re proud of them. When you show them something that made you think of them. When you randomly compliment them. These things show someone you care and make them feel loved.

You can express it by showing you care about the simple things. Did they eat yet? How did they sleep last night?Is there anything you can do to help? Should they tell you when they made it home safely? Or just remembering i ole things about them.

You can express it in gifts. This doesn’t mean you have to spend money on everyone you love. Time is a gift. Being busy and still setting aside time for someone shows. Effort is a gift. You made an effort to come or be on time or contribute. Surprises are a gift. You brought snacks for your lazy night in. You saw a silly little keychain that reminded you of them and you decided to buy it and bring it along.

You can express is physically. Hug them when they leave or come. In a less platonic sense, grab their hand, rest a hand on their leg.

You can show it through support. Let them know they don’t have to go through anything alone. You’re there to talk whenever they need it. Do anything to make a stressful day a little bit easier on them. Even just being an active listener shows you care. Let them open up to you, even if you’re not sure of a response.

And show them you may need them too occasionally. Ask them for advice. Let them know their opinion matters. Vent when appropriate. Let them know they’re a safe space for you too.

Love is more than just saying I love you. It’s in everything you do and say.