Three words that mean so much. Three special words that show how much you truly care about someone.

I love you.

It’s those three words that we have all grown to know as the best way to express your care for another human or living being. (Don’t lie, I know you whisper I love you to your pets just as much as I do.)

But those 3 words can easily be expressed with many different phrases. You just have to look deeply enough to see where those 3 words can lie. Saying I love you is the most common and straightforward way of showcasing your care and affection. But here are 21 other things you can say, that can also express that same emotion, that you may not have noticed.

“Drive safe”

“I miss you”

“Be careful”

“Have you eaten today?”

“Have you had enough water?”

“I made your favorite dinner”

“Thinking of you”

“You are worth it”

“You make life better”

“Don’t forget a coat”

“I bought you a coffee”

“Just checking on you to see how you’re doing”

“Life would suck without you”

“Stay a little bit longer”

“I support you”

“Call me if you need me”

“I’m here for you”

“Don’t forget to take your medicine”

“You are special”

“You are wanted”

“I need you"

You don’t always have to say I love you, to show someone how much you care about them. There are a million ways to show how much you love them without saying those three words.

The little things you do and say show how you care. Often times, actions speak louder than words. So on those days where you don’t think you’ve told the people you love how much you love them, remember all the little ways you can remind them how you care for them.