San Diego Chargers May Stay in America's Finest City

San Diego Chargers May Stay in America's Finest City

Despite Proposition C's rejection, the Chargers might be able to stay at home.

Proposition C is a county ballot for a new downtown stadium and convention center for the San Diego Chargers. If it were to pass, a 6 percent hotel tax would’ve been increased, which will contribute to the funding of the stadium. Also, the Charger's organization will contribute $650 million towards the downtown stadium. The rest will be funded by the public.

According to the final results of Election Day, Proposition C will not give San Diego a stadium: 56 percent no, 43 percent yes.

The problems with the proposition was that it didn’t make proper sense. If it was approved, it would not have any benefit on the taxpayers, for all the gain and profit would go to the NFL and the Charger’s organization.


Chargers team owner Dean Spanos has said that he is committed to keeping the team in San Diego even though the Proposition C was rejected. Spanos has reported that he is willing to open a new stadium in Mission Valley, where Qualcomm Stadium is set.

On February 19, 2015 the Chargers were one of the NFL teams looking to be market for another stadium with the possibility of relocation to Carson, California. However, it was rejected by NFL owners in favor of the St. Louis Rams relocation to Los Angeles and to build a stadium in Inglewood, California.The Chargers were given an option until January 2017 to lease at the Inglewood stadium. If they consider this option, the Chargers would have to move to L.A. Spanos has admitted he does not want to be a “tenant” in Los Angeles under Stan Kroenke, the L.A. Rams owner.

According to the San Diego Tribune, the lease of Qualcomm Stadium runs through 2020, and if they were to move this year, it would cost them $15 million and the NFL would charge a relocation fee of up to $650 million. It would truly be best to keep the Chargers in San Diego.

The Chargers organization has been in America’s Finest City since 1961.They have not been to the Super Bowl since 1994, when they lost to the San Francisco 49ers.The closest since then was 2008, where the Chargers made it to the AFC Championship but lost to the New England Patriots.

Dean Spanos stated there will be more information in regards to stadium talk after the 2016-17 season. With the options already given for finding a new home for the Chargers, many options are still out there with Los Angeles.

Also, there is still speculation of Las Vegas getting a football team.There is no fine print that Las Vegas will get one, and it has been another NFL team, the Oakland Raiders as the possible runner-up. The Chargers options are dwindling, and retaining the team to stay in San Diego is fitting. Optimistically, after the NFL season, Spanos and the NFL can find some middle ground in order to keep the team going.

Cover Image Credit: Qualcomm Stadium//Tumblr

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The New 'Special One' Returns (Again) To Real Madrid

Soccer fans across the globe question what Zidane will be able to accomplish this time with a Madrid side that has faced many issues this season.


On March 11, Spanish club Real Madrid announced that they would be firing former manager Santiago Solari and replace him with Zinedine Zidane immediately. This marks a second reign of leadership the Frenchman will have with the club as coach (he managed Real Madrid from the 2016-2018 seasons which resulted in nine trophies). Zidane left in May of 2018 just days after he helped secure a third consecutive Champions League title. This was the last time football fans and supporters ever saw Real Madrid on top of Europe. Since then, things have gone South for the Spanish giants.

The defending champions have been knocked out of both the Copa Del Rey and Champions League competitions. The La Liga club is also 12 points behind league leaders and arch-rivals Barcelona (which only adds more pain). Saying things have fallen apart at Real Madrid is an understatement. I can't think of many moments in which the team was this low. Real Madrid is one of (if not) the biggest soccer club in the world. They are more than a club. It's an iconic, brand-name powerhouse which has always had a long history of success.

So, seeing them lose over and over again is a weird thing to witness as a football fan. In my opinion, I think Zidane will alleviate some of Madrid's issues to a certain degree. I am almost 100 percent sure he will be able to fix the chemistry issues in the locker room. Players on the team have mentioned how much they enjoy playing for Zidane. He brings out the best in the squad and every player is content with their involvement on the field. Now I'm not going to be unrealistic and say Zidane is going to win Champions League for Real Madrid next season, but you never know.

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All I know is that if Zidane restores the glory days at Real Madrid, people should start calling him "the special one" and not Jose Mourinho anymore.

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