A new coach, a new GM, a new look, a new season, but still the same old Jets. The events that took place in that Jets game this past Sunday has become an all too familiar site for Jets fans. A classic choke job, blowing a 16-point lead and blowing a game to a divisional rival, a game they should have won. A game in which historically speaking they had 97.3% chance of winning. As I was sitting in the stands at MetLife Stadium watching this disaster unfold, I really could not put it together in my head how they lost that football game. As I slowly got over the lost remembering what happened I was able to put together a list of the 5 reasons why the Jets lost to the Bills Sunday.

1. The Kicker


How could I not start here? Anyone who watched the game or is a Jets fan knows the biggest reason to why the Jets lost Sunday was because of kicker Karee Vedvik. To be honest until they signed him, I had no idea who he was. I wish it stayed that way. This offseason former GM Mike Macagnan let pro bowl kicker Jason Myers walk in free agency. Week 1 the new regime had to watch his misstep cost them a game. Vedvik missed an extra point and a 43-yard field goal in a game the Jets lost by one point. (17-16). If we just had a competent kicker the Jets would be 1-0 and the feeling this week on One Jets drive would be completely different. Update: The Jets signed K Sam Ficken... yeah idk who he is either. 4th times the charm?

2. Henry Anderson’s Roughing the Passer


It was late in the 3rd quarter the Jets were up 16-0 and the Bills had a 3rd and long. As Josh Allen threw a ball 20 yards past his receiver, I was pumped knowing they were out of field goal range and the Jets were getting the ball back still up 16. Little did I know Henry Anderson stupidly kept on running after Allen threw the pass and bumped into him not using his arms but his helmet which eventually brought down the 6'5 238-pound passer. Yes, Josh Allen should have won an academy award for his performance, but it was still a stupid decision by Anderson. That play gave the Bills a new set of downs and lead to a field goal.. it also lead to a play that completely changed the game and I will get to that next...

3. CJ Mosley Injury 


The Jets 85-Million-dollar linebacker looked worth every penny 2 and a half quarters into the game. He had a pick-6, a fumble recovery and 6 tackles at half time. It was all fun and games and the Jets gave up 0 points while Mosley was on the field, however because of that Henry Anderson roughing the passer call the Bills had a new set of downs. 3 plays later on 3rd and long the Bills took a shot to the end zone. Covering the receiver on that play was CJ Mosley. Mosley turned quick knocked the ball away in a beautiful defensive play. Only one problem, on that play Mosley tweaked his groin and was out the rest of the game ... leading to the Jets defensive collapse. Update: Mosley is not expected to practice Wednesday and if he does not play Monday Night against the Browns... well the Jets are in trouble.

4. Inept Offense 


The Jets offense with all its new flashy toys was, in the words of our Coach... "inept". He was right, they scored a total of 8 points all game against a Bills defense that is very good, but not impossible to beat. New RB Leveon Bell looked great, ran the ball well enough and caught a TD and a 2pt conversion. However, he was not enough. Sam Darnold threw too many check downs, a product of the conservative play calling by Gase, and he was too shaky on throws down the field. It was clear once the Jets took their 16-0 lead, he was trying to protect the ball hoping the defense would bail them out. That right there is the prime recipe for blowing a 16 point lead in the NFL. Update: The Jets traded for Patriots WR Demaryius Thomas Tuesday for a 2021 6th round pick. Idk what is wrong with him but I find it odd that Bill Bilichek and the Patriots would help the Jets out in any way. But maybe, just maybe Thomas will be able to come in and add something to the Jets offense.

5. The Offensive Line  

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They were terrible. Everyone but Kelechi Osemele was just abysmal. There were barely any running lanes for Bell and for Darnold he had absolutely no time in the pocket. Darnold was pressured on over half of his 41 attempts and was hit over 10 times. IDC who your QB is, you will not be successful with that type of play from you o-line. Yes, this was the first time the unit as a whole was playing together, but they better fix it real quick or we are in for a long season and there is no arguing that.

Overall week 1 was a disaster in all aspects. There was so much hype and excitement for this team that the fact they threw up a dud Sunday really hit us Jets fans hard. Injuries to stars like Mosley and rookie Q. Williams does not make getting over this loss easier. This team now has no other choice but to man-up in what I am calling a must-win game next Monday Night at home vs the Browns. If this team has any thought or chance at winning this year, they cannot fall to 0-2, especially losing two straight home games. On top of that the following weeks contain 3 of the top 5 teams in football, the Patriots, Eagles and Cowboys. The schedule is scary. This season can be over faster than it started and oh how much that would suck... Let's keep the faith and just forget about this game. One week cannot define a season. Let's Go Jets.

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