The New Orleans Saints jeopardize the Los Angles Rams winning streak on Sunday night.

The Saints record became 7-1 after their win against the Ram's. Their only loss was against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in week one. Although the Saints were off to a rough start they made sure to clean their act up just in time for week two against the Cleveland Browns.

New Orleans has won all of their away games which shows a lot about what they think a home field advantage means. It doesn't matter to them they have proved that they can show out on any field whether the game is home or on the road.

This was an exciting week for wide receiver Michael Thomas. He was given the title of best NFC player this week. His performance against the Rams really showed what he can do when gets the ball in his possession. I'd be surprised if he doesn't shatter every Saints receiving record this year.

Thomas celebrated a touchdown in a way we haven't seen in over ten years. He recreated former Saints player Joe Horn celebration hiding a flip phone underneath the goal post. After scoring he told his teammate to wait a second, pulled out the phone pretending to talk to someone.

Maybe he was calling Joe Horn to tell him to turn the T.V. on so he could see his tribute.

I can't imagine what was going through Horn's head when he saw that happen. It had to of brought back a lot of memories of playing the game being a New Orlean Saint.

I think New Orleans is going to do well throughout the rest of the season, they do have Drew Brees and Michael Thomas the best duo in the league.