4 Rule Changes I Want To See In The NFL

4 Rule Changes I Want To See In The NFL

Let's make the game of football more excting


When I think of America, I almost immediately think about football. Football is America's sport; it is exciting, jaw-dropping, and action-packed. Yet, I believe the sport can become even more exciting with some of the following rule changes.

Kickoff Rule:

In this time period where player safety has become the utmost priority of the NFL, many rule changes have made the kickoff boring since successful kick returns have become rare. I propose that to make the kickoff exciting once again, the NFL implements a rule that if the kicker is able to split the field goal posts, the opposing team starts their possession inside the five-yard line, instead of the 25-yard line. This rule will make the kickoff relevant, important, and exciting once again since it adds major ramifications.

Replay Review Rule:

In recent years, misjudged referee calls have cost teams games and even seasons. And, frankly, that should never occur. I think the NFL should expand what calls can be reviewed and overturned, especially pass interference penalties. Too many times, I see a defensive interference penalty called when the player barely touched his opponent, or a blatant violation of the rules that is not penalized. This penalty has major ramifications since it is an automatic first down and the ball is placed at the spot of the foul, meaning it could end up being a 40 plus yard penalty if a deep ball was thrown.

Custom Apparel:

Players should be allowed to wear whatever cleat, wrist band, or sock that they want (as long as it is not inappropriate). Just seeing custom cleats on a player is interesting since it adds an extra flair to the game. This is such an easy change that could go a long way.


Similar to the last proposed rule change, I want to see players celebrate touchdowns, interceptions, sacks, or other big plays with any outgoing celebration they can think of (once again, appropriate of course). To see your favorite player on your favorite team having fun with a funky celebration is fun for the viewer and adds to the watching experience. When I see a player flagged for a harmless celebration it makes me hate the strictness of the league since, to be redundant, it is a HARMLESS action.

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