You Should Know About The Risk Of Unprotected Sex

Sexual Health Is Extremely Important

You should know about the risks of having unprotected sex and the real reasons why STDs are spread - STDs are not purchased at your local store


Sex, there are so many ways to have sex - and places too. You can perform oral in a parking deck, have sex on the lid of a washing machine (the clothes are not the only things getting wet, am I right), or do anal in a public bathroom. Wow, there are so many places you can easily pull your pants down and make your own little thunderstorm! Have you ever texted these ideas to your partner? Try it, that conversation will lead to more than just a creative idea - quickly. But, do you know what is not being texted about? STDs.

STDs are easily spread with/ without the use of protection. But, you can prevent having one by being tested regularly - especially if you are very sexually active, using a condom correctly, or by simply keeping ya clothes on (that might be harder for certain people to do, myself included).

Now, let me begin by saying that if you have had/ have an STD that does not make you dirty nor a whore. As a nursing student, I understand the misconceptions of STDs and how people can mentally break someone apart for having one. STDs are not a gift you go and pick out from your local grocery store, they are spread by bodily fluids - therefore, you do not get these by having poor hygiene or by being a whore. If your partner essentially believes that is how you encounter STDs then I 10/10 recommend replacing him with a vibrator. Don't be stupid, goodbye.

Also, if your partner tells you they have one do not assume they are some three dollar hooker. Baby, you could have given ya partner the STD and not even know. It takes months for people to even recognize they have symptoms of an STD, and some people go their entire lives without knowing they have one - this is why being honest and being tested regularly is important.

Many girls/ guys get an STD after having sex for the first time, so does that make them a whore? No! Sis, if you get an STD treat it (if it is curable because not all of them can be treated) and go about your life. Fuck it up, baby! Never let your partner or anyone make you feel as if you are anything less than what you are because of an accident. It is easy to get into the moment and forget a condom. Do not feel bad about having one, and do not be scared to speak up about your worries before having sex.

Try asking your partner:

Have you been tested for STDs?

Do you have an STD?

Do you always use protection when you have sex?

Are you sexually active with anyone else right now?

If your partner lies or is shy about it - then maybe they should not be having sex. Be open in the bedroom, stress the importance of your health, and do what you feel is comfortable for you. Remember, STDs are common - if you have had/ have an STD you are not alone.

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