Almost everybody you ask has or has had a dating app like Bumble, Grindr, or Tinder. These apps were created to allow others to meet new people either romantically, friendship, or otherwise.

Swiping left, right and matching with people can be a fun experience, but in reality, how many of these matches do you really meet in person? How many do you talk to beyond the basic "What’s your Snapchat" question?

This can cause a ton of frustration for people when on these apps, especially if they’re looking for someone that's not just looking for a one night stand. This is easier said than done.

Plus, what’s the point in basing people on the way they look without actually knowing what they’re like in person until you meet them? Some people are really great at smooth talking behind a screen because you can be whoever you want to be online.

Have I met people from Tinder? In fact, some of my closest friends are from Tinder and I’m so glad I have them in my life, even if we didn’t work out romantically.

There are also a few that I dated from the app, and well, if they worked out, would I be writing this right now? I think not. Do I regret being with them? No, I don’t, and I’m glad I had them in my life because they all taught me something different about myself — good and bad.

I was taught to not rely on others to make me happy, that I am the only one that can control my happiness and the people I surround myself with, while the other taught me to not let anyone tear me down even when I was self-destructing myself.

Both guys were really great and I wish them the best of luck in life, but I would never go back to them.

I know there have been so many people that have met online and have been successful, but in all honesty how often does this actually happen… and last?

In all honesty, you’re probably not gonna meet your Prince Charming on Tinder. Not that he doesn’t exist, but you can’t judge someone off looks only and relationships aren’t built overnight.

You can’t force a relationship with someone if they don’t want to be in one. Just remember, everything happens for a reason and if you’re not finding someone, they aren’t ready for the beauty you give off.

Your person is on their way and at a time that you’ll probably least expect it, and for some, is sooner than others.

People come and go from our lives, and most leave a mark on our hearts. It’s how we take that mark and deal with it makes us who we are. If all we see are the negative marks there’s the ability to become cold and turned off to everyone, but if you take those marks in a positive light there’s a higher possibility good things will come of it.

Dating apps can be some of the greatest and worst things made on the planet. Success can come of it, but can also be one of the most frustrating experiences for others. My advice: your person is coming, but in the meantime, you live your life how you want.

You’re only young once.