6 Must-Try Restaurants For Your Nashville Bucket List

6 Must-Try Restaurants For Your Nashville Bucket List

Eat, nap, eat and nap is how it's done in Nashville.


Nashville is known for being the home to country music and the stars that are included in it.

What many people don't know is that Nashville is also home to some of the best places to sit down and grub hard. Many people know the sandwich we call to call "Nashville Hot Chicken". This is usually a piece of fried chicken smothered in hot sauce between two pieces of Texas toast. Although this delight is spread throughout Nashville and Franklin, it is not all that the city has to offer.

Below are some of the top rated and most talked about restaurants in the Nashville or Franklin area of Middle Tennessee.

1. Hard Rock Cafe

Although Hard Rock can be found in many big cities, it is still a staple for Nashville. The music aspect resonates with many people, visiting or local. This location also offers a view like none other as it is situated right on the riverside.

2. Puckett's Grocery

Located south of Nashville in the city of Franklin, this little restaurant packs a mean punch. With everything from hot chicken to breakfast platters, this place has anything you could want.

3. Bar Taco

On a strip known as 12 South, you will find this highly trafficked modern taco shop. This restaurant is known for its tacos, obviously, but also its location and scenery for those wanting to show their social media where to eat.

4. The Loveless Cafe

A classic to so many, and cooking that taste as if it came from your grandmother's kitchen, this place is a sure home-based restaurant. If you haven't gotten enough food, stop by the gift shop on the way out.

5. Kayne Prime

Think of nice and modern steakhouse and you'll find Kayne Prime. This steakhouse is popular to all and located in one of the younger areas in Nashville, known as The Gulch.

6. 55 South

If you've ever seen the episode of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives with a diner in Franklin, then you've come to the right place. Famous for their hot chicken, and chicken and waffles, this restaurant is a must for fried chicken lovers.

Although I have only listed 6 choices, there are an endless amount of places to indulge in the finer things of life here in Nashville. On your way out, or after every meal don't forget to stop by one of Jeni's lcoations for an interesting yet indulgent bowl of your favorite ice cream.

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