Remembering My High School Lacrosse Team

Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John;

Bless this field we’re playing on.

And if we do our very best,

We know that God will do the rest.

Yay God.

St. Vincent Pallotti- pray for us.

All the other angels and saints- pray for us.

This was a prayer that my high school lacrosse team said when ending our team huddle before a game. This has been something that I grew to love during my three years on the team. It was always a good feeling to lift up our prayers to the Lord and thank Him for the abilities and good health to participate in team sports. I always felt one with my team while we were praying together.

It isn’t often that you find other sports teams that pray before games. For me, praying before games became a normal thing and that was probably because I attended a Catholic high school. It always warmed my heart to see that some of the other teams in our division always said a prayer before playing as well.

I had the opportunity to continue playing lacrosse in college, and I reflect on this aspect of my high school team a lot in particular. It became a normal thing for us to say that prayer before we went out on the field and that allowed us to come together as a team. Although I miss my old teammates dearly, I am thankful for the chance that I had to play with them and the many memories that we all made together. As my current team and I are getting ready to begin our fall ball season I couldn't help but to think back on the memories that were made with playing on my high school lacrosse team.

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