Relative Relations

In a structured world suffocated by the normalcy of what we consider right, we seem to only have affection towards relations that do not reach out of bounds as what had been complacent to societal standards. We dream of a relationship built upon the dream of a prosperous future, a long-standing bond between two individuals that can eventually become a part of a familiar community of family. Apart from historically religious lifestyles, for what reason was the ideal created? It entrusts us with the happiness of another, creating this martial ideal that seems to complete our list of life objectives. Not everyone in the world embodies these beliefs, in fact, they have seemed to become outdated in our practical, job-oriented society. But budding in the hearts of many is this normalcy that has been conditioned in the world to synonymously become happiness.

A very example of this is the old myth pertaining to the punishment of the gods onto humans, splitting them up into halves, forever searching for the other piece of them. With this in mind, in this world that we live, we start off our lives believing that we must always be searching for something that it has never been with us since birth. That we are a creature that can never be whole without the help of another and that everyone else around is as equally unhappy until they come across hat is describes as the other half of them. I am not denouncing the blinding beauty that comes with love but I am criticizing the idea of dependency and to accommodate one's life to this one idea and please let me emphasize the word idea, that a future is one that must be shared with another.

It sounds lovely, the idea of sharing your success with another but the thought of true happiness not existing in your life without your "other half" lessens the feeling of completeness that should already exist within us. Sharing souls, dreams, and bodies with each other bring about a warmth that exists very rarely outside those relations but the entirety of life is so much more complex than the norms of society, to even compare an utmost completion of happiness to be what we should be striving for merely reduces life itself and the endless obscurity it exists as. It is not a means to reach a peaceful moment and with that be satisfied, it is so much more and living life with a dream so singular and entrapped encloses the potentials of the world.

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