Relationships Aren't Easy And They Will Never Be
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Relationships Aren't Easy And They Will Never Be

It's time to accept the truth.

Relationships will never be easy.

A functional and healthy relationship requires hard work and effort from both parties to maintain. Most people would want to believe that their relationships would be totally different from others, however, it may not be the case.

Believing that what you and your partner share are different or that he/she is some celestial being who could do no wrong may as well be pure naivety on your part.

In one way or another, your partner would eventually disappoint you or drive you crazy. It is just a matter of time.

Even if you both love each other, the fundamental fact still remains that you both are two separate beings who would have your own set of principle and life values. Hence, friction may occur from time to time.

Lighting the match to a full-blown argument is easy, however, the aftermath would be tricky and hard to extinguish totally. The ashes of resentment would always remain deep within both of you, waiting for the next opportunity to be reignited again.

There would always remain a group of people who firmly believe by avoiding their relationship issues, things would be better soon. Well, this method may or may not work.

The worst-case scenario would be an accumulation of anger which would lead to a heated argument and ultimately, a premature break-up with unresolved emotions. I guess it would all be based on your personal decision and understanding of your partner.

As matter of fact, even relationship experts struggle with conflict in their own relationships. So, what makes you think that yours would be a vanilla smooth ride to the finishing line?

Compromising and making sacrifices are always essential in any relationship, be it marriage, friendships or even family. They are important because it proves your sincerity in wanting to resolve the problem and shows how much you actually cherish the relationship.

However, the balance between making necessary compromises and your personal baseline is hard to strike. There is always a limit to how much you can actually bend before you break for good.

The moment when you compromise on things which you heavily prioritize like education or career, the personality flaws in your partner would be further magnified. If you look close enough, you can see cracks in everything.

Winning an argument is no longer important when you are in a relationship. You would need to start fighting for a purpose, not just to overwhelm your partner and render them utterly speechless.

Your objective is to have a mutual understanding of feelings and perspective at the end of every argument.

Most people have unrealistic expectations for their relationships and eventually try to force those ideals on their partner. They would flip when their expectations are broken one by one, but they have forgotten about the fact that this is not some chick flick produced by Hollywood.

This is the reality of life and real relationships are always hard work. You and your partner may not always be in tune, you both may not be compatible all the times but that is really fine.

Never take each other for granted and always respect the relationship and promises made. Fight for the right cause, which should always be for the relationship.

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