Reflecting On My First Semester Of College

Reflecting On My First Semester Of College

The University of Georgia has been my home for the past five months, and I wouldn't trade the experiences I have had here so far for anything in the world.

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I remember move-in day so clearly. That overwhelming feeling of fear, excitement, and curiosity. Everything was so new, and there was so much to learn and see. I was so ready and so not ready to start this chapter of my life, alongside my best friend and roommate. As I explored campus those first few days, I knew where I belonged. I knew being at the University of Georgia was going to be one of the best experiences of my life. Although I wish I had known that there were more dining halls than just Bolton, but I've got that cleared up now (Snelling has my heart). A little after four days of being moved in, sorority recruitment came. There's not doubt that I felt a wide range of emotions from sad tears to happy tears, but I ended up exactly where I belonged. My sisters in Alpha Gamma Delta have taught me the true meaning of friendship and living in service. They have inspired me so much to be the best person I can be, and have also shown me how important learning to lead in your community can be. Through Alpha Gam I have pushed myself become a member of the Alpha Gam Philanthropy team, a committee member for UGA Miracle, and a Relay for Life member. Volunteering and serving in my community has been so fulfilling, and I have truly learned this through Alpha Gam. I have been so extremely blessed this semester. This semester I have found my place in my sorority, in campus organizations, I have made best friends, and have found my own little family here at the University of Georgia. It amazes me how much I have learned about life these past five months. I wouldn't change any aspect of my first semester for the world. As finals week has taken over, sure, I have been beyond stressed, but I can also look back on this semester and say it has been the best and most rewarding few months of my life.

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