Why I'm a night owl
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Why I'm a night owl

Besides my bodies natural circadian rhythm, that is

Why I'm a night owl
Jon Sullivan

As you grow older you start to learn more and more about yourself everyday. One of the things I’ve learned, is that no matter how hard I try, I will NEVER be a morning person. Yes, I know with school and work and life waking up early is inevitable. All I’m saying is that I perform better later in the day. Waking up is hard for everyone, but for me, I’ve noticed that right off the bat I tend to be very sluggish. Unless I’m getting up and going directly to exercise or to chug an energy drink, my vivacity levels take about an hour to fully warm up.

One of the reasons I function better at night, is because my incentive to get stuff done increases as the day goes on. My motivation increases because I know the deadline is RAPIDLY approaching. I’m basically forced into finishing my work, and by knowing that I can go to sleep once I finish, that gives me an extra push. Plus, once I finally go to bed, I can peacefully sleep knowing my work is done.

Another reason I enjoy the depths of the night is because it’s more quiet. In order for me to give anything my full attention, I need there to be 0 distractions. There’s too much going on in the AM for me to really sit down and be productive; birds chirping, people jogging, morning traffic etc. It’s all distracting and at night, it’s all asleep, which means nothing to bother me. Now I know I could get up unnecessarily early and get the same effect[ but what’s the point in going to bed stressed. Especially when I could just finish it at night, sleep in a little and wake up knowing the deed is done. And if for some reason I stay up a little too late, I can always try and squeeze a nap in somewhere to compensate for lost sleeping time. If I were to nap as a morning person I would never get to bed early enough to get my hours. I would become restless and waking up the next morning would be ugly.

Last but not least, my favorite part of being a night person so happens to be SHOWERING AT NIGHT. It’s lame, I’m aware but nothing is more satisfying to me than taking a warm shower and cozying up in my bed. It’s like I’m washing away my stress away and preparing for a new beginning. I get a high off of the feeling of going to bed clean. I could honestly go on for hours about this one but, lets just say I feel incomplete and grimey if I don’t shower before bed. And it’s a very relevant factor as to why I’m a night person.

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