Reasons To Love Fisher Football
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Reasons To Love Fisher Football

Aside From The Dashing Good Looks and Bubble Butts

Reasons To Love Fisher Football
St. John Fisher College

It's that time of year again! Summer is coming to a close, and fall is right around the corner. Fall not only means college, but better yet, college football! If you don't already know (which would be hard to imagine) St. John Fisher College lives for football. Some of you are probably thinking Oh great, an article about some dumb douchey jocks, but let me assure you that these players are some of the kindest, smartest, dedicated and down to earth people you will ever meet. If you ever get a chance to get to know these men, you are in for a treat — just don't sit at their table in the dining hall.

Here are some fun facts and reasons why we love our football boys!

They break the "dumb jock" stereotype.

Dumb jocks? Yeah, right! Fisher athletes, including the football team, are very dedicated to their academic careers, many of them chose to play Division III in order to focus on their studies and keep pursuing their degrees as a priority, rather than the "sports come first" attitude of many higher division schools. The St. John Fisher football team is home to some amazing scholars-athletes with majors in science, business, education and many other fields. This is not to say they are not dedicated to their sport, though!

They are nationally ranked.

Don't let their Division III level fool you, these guys are phenomenal! Fisher football is ranked among the nation's top programs. In fact, this year they were ranked No. 19 in the preseason poll. Fisher has also advanced to postseason games for the the last 12 seasons in a row and hopes to continue that streak this year! Read more on our Fisher athletics football page.

They give back to the community.

Each year, St. John Fisher College (and other neighboring universities, most recently, The College at Brockport) hold a football game called The Courage Bowl to benefit Camp Good Days and Special Times. The Courage Bowl has grown into one of Camp Good Days' largest fundraisers. Each year the freshman and seniors on the Fisher football team spend some time at Camp Good Days during their preseason as well. Here is the official 2015 preview for the Courage Bowl and some additional photos featured on the Camp Good Days and Fisher Football Twitter pages:

They're approachable.

Heck, I'm dating one after all, so they can't be THAT bad! It's sad that football players have this preconceived image that they are all narcissistic, disrespectful jerks because, in reality, I found the Fisher football team to be some of the nicest guys I've met at school so far! Sure, they may have their table in the dining hall, but that's just because they like to "bro out" and bond over some food. It's not a superiority thing. For example, I've seen girls at parties put in an uncomfortable situation by some other guy, and sure enough, a football player stepped in to see if everything was alright. You can always count on them (well, and all of Fisher) to open a door for you, or lend a helping hand to students and staff with carrying and moving things, or even finish that last bite of food for you! These guys have an incredible bond and value respect and friendship more than anything and are certainly great role models to other students. The faculty and staff at Fisher love them, and overall, I think they bring a lot to the table. Maybe that's a biased opinion, but ask anyone at Fisher what they think about our football guys, and I'm sure you will be very pleasantly surprised.

Here's to a great 2015 season. Keep up the great work Cardinals! Keep making us proud on and off the field! #birdgang

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