Say Thank You

I've been thinking about how good it feels when someone thanks me for something I may have done for them. It could be anything at all, even something as small as holding open the door for someone. So why not make everybody feel a little better by saying "thank you"? Here are reasons to thank someone:

1. When someone holds the door open for you.

Like I said it could be small, but it could definitely brighten someone's day! It's a small act of kindness that can make a difference!

2. Your waiter/waitress when they refill your drink (or do something nice like that.)

From personal experience, I know I feel better when a customer thanks me. It tells me I'm doing well at my job and that I am appreciated!

3. When someone gives you a compliment.

When you're rockin' that outfit and someone tells you that you look fabulous, be sure that you acknowledge it! And then continue to strut your stuff!

4. Thank your parents for providing you with literally EVERYTHING.

Your parents, whoever they may be to you, work hard to make sure you have everything you need. So the least you could do is thank them!

5. Thank your professors, coaches, mentors, etc.

We may hate them a lot of the time, but truth is, they push you to be a better student, athlete, or whatever you are to them, so thank them for the help they give you!

6. Thank your siblings.

Yes, your little brother can be very annoying, and your big sister is bossy sometimes, but they are the ones who are by your side all of the time. Plus, you're stuck with them!

7. Thank your grandparents.

Our grandparents are the ones who spoil us when mom and dad don't, so remember to thank them for that ice cream cone!

8. Thank your friends.

I'm always one to send a random "thank you for existing" text to my friends. I know it puts a smile on their face, but I don't do it for that reason. I am genuinely thankful for their existence and I want them to know that!

9. Thank the people who listen.

We all talk about our problems to those who are willing to listen, but how often do we thank them for taking the time to listen to us and give us the advice we need?

10. Thank yourself.

You deserve it the most. You are a strong, wonderful, and hard-working human being that deserves a pat on the back more often than you do. Take the time to thank yourself more often!

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