10 Reasons I love my Mom
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10 Reasons I love my Mom

10 Reasons I love my Mom
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1. My Closet

One of the reasons my mom and I are so close is because while I was growing up we went shopping all the time, and that did not change when I grew up. My mom still gives me advice on what to wear, what looks good, and she still occasionally picks clothes out for me. Over half of my closet is full of pieces my mom convinced me to buy.

2. Her Closet

My mom has the most impressive closet I have ever seen. Not only does she have great clothes but she has hundreds of necklaces to go with any outfit. And best of all, she is a valued customer at DSW and she always shares her account and her rewards points.

3. Advice

Most people would probably say this, but my mom gives the best advice. She always lets me vent to her and she helps and supports me through anything.

4. Unconditional love

I know that my mom would do anything for me and I know that she will love me no matter what. She has always told me that my best efforts are enough.

5. She taught me how to be selfless

My mom is one of the most generous people I know. She's always put her children above her own needs and wants.

6. A good work ethic

My mom taught me how to work hard by setting a good example. She has always worked hard at her job or achieving higher education, and I could not be more proud of her.

7. She cares more than anyone

My mom has always made sure that she was a very involved parent. While I was growing up she always knew where I was and who I was with. But she is also guilty of wearing mom-goggles and thinking that anything I do is the greatest thing ever. And she always reminds me that I would rather have a mom like her than a mom that wasn't interested in my life.

8. Her positivity is infectious

No matter what she smiles through it and always manages to build up her family. She always makes everyone around her feel great.

9. Her sense of humor

Not only do I think my mom is funny, but she passed on her sense of humor to me. We laugh at the same movies and TV shows and we always appreciate each others jokes.

10. I'm slowly turning into her, and she knows it

Every time I ask someone the same question multiple times, talk to the TV, realize I have a weird nervous habit, or start singing for no reason I blame her. But thankfully she doesn't mind. We just laugh because this is my fate and it can't be avoided.

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