As a bigger girl, we get criticized for a lot of things and one of the biggest is our size. Here are five reasons why bigger girls are secretly the best.

1.We have the best curves.

We know how to rock our curves like a mid-afternoon drive. AND we know you are jelly of them sometimes. We also hate them somedays.

2. We cuddle the best.

We are always the comfiest to take naps with. ( This goes for bigger guys as well.)

3. We are awesome when we ooze self-confidence.

We walk with our head held high and sometimes our heels higher. AND NO we do not need you bringing us down.

4. We know we fill out that dress perfectly.

We know that we look amazing in this dress and we carry ourselves this way.

5. We have the biggest hearts.

We care deeply, we love deeply. If we say we care for you, we mean it. We get the most heartbroken sadly because people are jerks and put us down a lot. We can have a lot of sadness but you would never know because we will put you first in our lives to see you smile.