8 Struggles Of Being A Short Girl With Big Boobs
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8 Struggles Of Being A Short Girl With Big Boobs

Although I have struggles with my body type; at the end of the day, it's all about embracing msyelf, and making the best of it.

8 Struggles Of Being A Short Girl With Big Boobs

You always see articles about “problems that only girls with big boobs understand” or “whatever number of things to know if you date a girl with boobs” etc... etc… You know what I’m talking about. But, you never see anyone talk about the struggle thatshort girlswith big boobs have. And let me tell you, I think we have more struggles than a girl who is 5’7 with big boobs does. As a twenty-two year old woman who is 4’11, and has a DDD bra size, my life is complicated because of how my body is. Don’t get me wrong, I love my size, for both my height and boobs, and I can definitely say I’ve learned to embrace it over the years. However, I can’t say it doesn’t affect me on daily basis. There are definitely times, where I’ve wished that I had smaller boobs, but at the end of the day; I’m stuck with these things. And, I don’t think I can grow anymore, no matter how badly I would love to be five feet! I’m stuck at this height forever. Anyway who, here are eight things that affect me because I’m short and I have big boobs. And if there is any other girl who struggles with these problems and is reading this article, amen to you! I feel you girl. Short girls with big boobies unite!

1. Driving

I literally cannot stand wearing a seatbelt, I know it’s the law and I have to. But, my boobs are strapped in so tight I feel like I can’t breathe. Then, let’s add being so close to the steering wheel as well, because my feet cannot reach the petals. It’s probably one of the funniest things to see when you’re driving with me. First you’ll laugh at how close I am forward with my seat, then you’ll laugh at how I’ll accidentally honk the horn when I turn or learn forward for some reason because of my boobs. It sounds impossible, but it does happen….. a lot. I’m constantly mouthing, "I’m sorry" to people because I didn’t mean to honk the horn; er, my boobs did!

2. Shopping

Normally being short means shopping in the little kids section and getting good deals on clothes and shoes. I do occasionally get bargains, but for the most part; I can’t fit into a lot of things because of my boobs! Now I know, you’re probably thinking what 22-year-old wears little kid stuff? But, hey some of their stuff is cute, and a better price than what I pay for in the adult section. At 117 pounds, I’m pretty small, so sometimes I can fit into a 14-16 at times. I’m always holding it up to my chest and asking my friends,do you think this will fit, and they’ll be like in the waist, yes… but in the boobs, no. It’s so frustrating. I could be saving so much money, but I guess I’ll have to settle for shopping in the adult section at full price…. Yay.

3. Comments like, “For a little girl, you have huge boobs…”

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that in my life, I’d be a very rich woman, and could probably pay off all my student loans, no joke. It’s such an awkward statement, and it’s even more awkward because I don’t know what to respond with. Um, thanks? Um, I know? I never know what to say so I just smile and nod, while in my head silently saying are you kidding me right now? A few people have asked me if they’re fake, and I’m like no I’ve always had big boobs, I’ve been wearing a bra since the third grade…

4. Most awkward body type goes to….

There are some days I look in the mirror and think oh they don’t look bad today. Then I put on a shirt or a bra, and I’m like yeah forget that. Sometimes I think my body is so un-proportional, that it looks awkward. Here I am, this teeny girl who everyone likes to pickup, with these huge balloons on my chest. My mom sometimes calls me Dolly Parton because I have such a tiny waist, and then a huge chest. Sometimes when I go shopping and try on certain dresses I just laugh and cry. Cry because I thought it was going to look good on me, and I really loved it, and I laugh because t-shirt dresses will never be my go-to outfit no matter how badly I want them to be. Sometimes when I find a shirt that fits me good; and when I say good, I mean as in nicely around my bust, and it covers my stomach at an appropriate length; I’ll buy like five of them in every color. It’s very rare that I find shirts that fit me well, and not to well where I’m spilling out of it, and it goes to my belly-button.

5. Sitting in a chair

Sitting in a chair, such a simple thing isn’t it? Nope, not for me. My feet never can touch the ground and I can normally rest my boobs on top of the table. Oh the people who will comment on this scene I create….

6. Swimming

I can never find a swimsuit that fits me right, like ever. Ever since I hit the triple D club, I’m a lost cause. Every time I go under the water, I come out with nip slip. Sorry not sorry; I can’t apologize for it every time. If I go swimming in a pool, of course I can only touch in certain places, and if I go deep, I’ll have to tread or float so I don’t drown. Trying to touch and not drown, while making sure you don’t have nip slip as well? So much fun!!!

7. Back problems

I’ve had back problems ever since I can remember, and heating pads and icy hot have been my best friends. Being short is very hard with big boobs because I have to lug them around 24/7. I’m a smaller girl and I’m not that strong. I’m weak; I will admit it. Especially when I have to lug around my books from College that weight a gazillion pounds. Okay, I might be exaggerating, but you get what I mean. I’m constantly bending over with this huge weight on my back, heading extra pressure to it. NOT COOL. Sometimes I just cry because my back is in so much pain.

Side note: I used to have this friend who I complained to all the time about my back. He then told me I should call my boobs the team, because it would be really funny. I asked him why, and he said how cool would it be to tell everyone you’re carrying the weight up the team on your back? He was like you can say, oh yeah; I had a tough day today, I was carrying most of the weight of the team today. Stupid, I know; but I had a good chuckle.

8. Running

I hate running with a passion. Like the hate I have for running is so strong, it’s not even funny. Of course, girls with big boobs always have them bouncing when they run, it’s just science. Well, I can’t run well at all. I know what you’re thinking, how can she be bad at running? Well, I can be; just trust me. And I hate running while my boobs are bouncing; so I’m that girl who is constantly holding her boobs while she runs. I look awkward as can be. What a sight to see as this little girl tries to keep up with her tall friends and their super human legs, while she runs holding her boobs and having to explain to everyone why she’s doing that. For some reason I cannot seem to find a sport bra strong enough… hmmm….

I honestly could go on and on about all the struggles I have with being short and having big boobs, but that would take all night. These are just a few I thought I would share with the world. It seems I find at least one new struggle a week with my body. As much as they are a pain, at the end of the day; I love my body and I love who I am because it. If you are short, and have big boobs, or insecure about your body for some other reason, embrace it. That is what I’m doing, and I don’t care what people think or say of me. Because I will forever be labeled as the short Asian with huge boobs, and I’m proud of that.

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