First thing, this is COMPLETELY normal. We miss our family, the food, long road rides, crazy shopping and the general eventfulness of the weekend. The Festive season has a certain added merriment and ecstasy that we do not otherwise find. In such case, it is acceptable (both to the heart and to the mind) to indulge endlessly in sumptuous treats and be intoxicated in the festive mood. But what to do after that? How to combat withdrawal symptoms?? Read on and find your fix!

PROBLEM: Ate too much (gluttony) , and now you feel fat.

FIX: Full-blown fasting or intermittent fasting. The former requires you to take one day (just one day) off of your normal eating routine and fast off of a select few things like fruits and teas. That is all you eat that day. The next day, start with something healthy like a herbal tea and a boiled egg – this will redirect your mind to eat healthy for the upcoming meals, relieving you off the “I feel fat feeling.” Alternatively, try the intermittent fasting whereby you only have three set meals in a day (instead of grazing like a cow all day). This will trick your brain to hit “survival mode,” hence it will tap into the stored energy (fat) to combat low calories between meals – therefore, you will end up losing weight!

PROBLEM: Missing family past weekend fun and events

FIX: Look Ahead. You will be surprised how little time there is left between now and the Christmas break. Shed your despair and look to the future instead. Start preparing for how to better budget your time for Christmas Break. This will give you a wider perspective on how much time to spend if you have already thought it through. Also, looking ahead is always better for your soul than looking back. If you live too much in the memories of the past, you are not prepared to make memories for the future.

PROBLEM: End of break = Start of Final exams

FIX: we all hate this one. Why do we have to be punished so? Well, whether we like it or not, we have to study for these. My advice is to look back at your old tests and quizzes. If most of your past work is a passing grade, you will have added zeal to finish the year with a bang and pass with flying colors. If you haven’t been passing, then looking through those Ds’ and Fs’ should motivate you to work harder for Finals! Always remember, most professors put a lot of emphasis on the Final grade, so even if you have been failing, this Final grade can save you. Start getting serious.

PROBLEM: Cannot switch into work/school mode

FIX: Depending on your profession, start with a teaser to your work. As in, instead of jumping straight into hard core work, nibble at the edges. For instance, if you work as a secretary, sit down and read a newspaper – this will get you to start thinking intellectually again. If you are a student returning to campus, start flipping (not reading) the pages of your favorite textbook, thereby triggering your mind to shift focus to studious things.

PROBLEM: Terribly Homesick!

FIX: Nothing in the world can fix this once you feel it. Not looking at pictures, not calling your family – nothing can totally fix this. Only one thing can: distraction. When feeling homesick, look for brain distractors like friends, comic movies, leisure sports, hobbies like art, dance, etc. Though you can only trick your brain so much, you will subconsciously always remember that you were homesick. But hey, take this lonesome time on you for self-discovery and self-sufficiency. Easterners like myself deeply laud the benefits of meditation as peace inducing and drawing you nearer to the presence of God, so take this “me-time” on you to know a little more about yourself. When you do, you can have something more to tell your family when you see them again.

If this has helped you rejuvenate post the weekend, or you think it may help somebody you know, please kindly share this article with others!

'till next time! :)