Real talk girls let's not cheat on our future with the past
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Ladies, Don't Cheat On Your Future With Your Past

"Stop cheating on your future with your past. It's over."


The past, something that has come and gone. Something that you no longer have the ability to change. The past is a vulnerable span of time.

It can make you feel lost, helpless because control is gone.

That risky text you sent to the cute guy can't be taken back. The moment you got a backbone and stood up to a friend can't come back. Mistakes made in past relationships can't be changed. So don't stay up till 2 AM reading old texts or thinking uncontrollably.

The past can hold mistakes, good times, bad times, moments of insecurities, and moments of uncertainty.

It's important to understand that events of the past can not be altered after they happened. The only thing you can control is how you decide to let it define your future.

Remember, don't cheat on your future with your past.

In our society today and the generation I find myself apart of I feel as though people always find themselves clutching on to the past. Whether it is an acquaintance stuck in high school or a friend caught up in something that was said to them two weeks ago that they cannot move forward. People have a hard time forgetting and taking moments to put things into the grand scheme of things. Moving on is a healthy life component. Its a part of getting older.

Really picture how someones comment at this moment in time will affect them in a year from now? Ten years?

My freshmen year of college taught me to "stop cheating on your future with your past" because your past is over, gone and long behind you.

The person you were in high school left the second you moved into your dorm and your parents drove away.

College in your first year has so many milestones were the person you were in high school can become a part of your past and a new you can come forward. I think we let our past define us in life a lot but we should be more positive and think about what we can do in the future. Harping over something that can not be undone is not worth the time or energy.

Your not the same person you were in high school. You're the adult version, the brave person going on a life adventure.

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