Ranking The Top 10 Craziest Finishes In College Football
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Ranking The Top 10 Craziest Finishes In College Football

Where does the recent Michigan State vs. Michigan game rank among the insane finishes?

Ranking The Top 10 Craziest Finishes In College Football

After the improbable ending to the Michigan State and Michigan game, lets take a look at where it ranks among the craziest endings.

10. Boise State vs. Oklahoma (2007)

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Boise State was looking for a nation spotlight all year, and when the bowl games came out, they got their wish. They would have to play national powerhouse Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl, a game which OU was heavily favored. Boise used not one, not two, but three trick plays, capped off by the statue of liberty play, to defeat the Sooners in double overtime and gain national respect from the rest of the country.

9. Ohio State vs. Miami (2003)

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A battle for the National Championship was one for the ages, and the ending is still controversial to this day. Miami seemingly won the game on a failed fourth down pass in overtime and rushed onto the field to celebrate, but the referee called pass interference on the play and the Buckeyes would capitalize, and win in double overtime.

8. Colorado vs. Michigan (1994)

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Known as “The Miracle at Michigan,” Colorado was down five with six seconds left when quarterback Kordell Stewart unleashed a 64-yard pass into the end zone. The ball was tipped into the back of the end zone, where Michael Westbrook caught it as time expired.

7. Tennessee vs. LSU (2010)

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The Volunteers found themselves up by four with seconds remaining and the LSU offense facing a third-and-goal from the one-yard line. LSU was out of sync and moments before the play clock expired, they botched the snap and seemingly lost the game. Tennessee players stormed onto the field after the improbable win, unaware that they had too many men on the field. LSU would score on the next play, and the Volunteers would go from winning to losing in a matter of seconds.

6. SMU vs. BYU (1980)

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SMU was winning 45-25 with about four minutes left in the game, and looked to have the game wrapped up. BYU scored a touchdown, recovered an onside kick and scored again to make it 45-39. SMU did nothing with their drive, and was forced to punt with 13 seconds left. BYU blocked the punt and took over at the 41-yard line. BYU quarterback Jim McMahon lofted a deep ball into the end zone and it was caught by tight end Clay Brown. The ensuing extra point was good, and BYU would score 21 points in the last 2:33 to win a stunner.

5. Boston College vs. Miami (1984)

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The Boston College Quarterback Doug Flutie was small for a college QB. Standing five feet and nine inches tall with 63 yards to go into a 30mph wind seems like impossible odds. That’s exactly what the Miami defense thought, and that’s why they lost this game. Down 45-41 with 28 seconds left, Flutie defied the odds and found Gerard Phelan for the game-winning touchdown as time expired.

4. Michigan St. vs. Michigan (2015)

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Michigan has had some rough games over the years. They were up 23-21 with ten seconds left in the game. Michigan State had all 11 players trying to block the punt, and all Michigan had to do was punt it away and the game would be over. The Michigan punter bobbled the snap and eventually tossed it right to the MSU defender, who would run it into the end zone as time expired.

3. Auburn vs. Alabama (2013)

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The teams were tied with seconds remaining and overtime seeming inevitable. Alabama lined up to try a 56-yard field goal to win the game. Auburn put Chris Davis under the goal posts to potentially field a short kick and maybe run it back. Sure enough, the kick would come up short, and Davis would bring it back 109 yards for the 34-28 win over Alabama.

2. Colorado vs. Missouri (1990)

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Colorado was down 31-27 with 40 seconds to go with the ball a few yards away from the end zone. Colorado would spike the ball on first down, run two running plays that were stopped short, and then spike the ball again. The chain gang forgot to flip the down marker, Colorado was given an extra down, and they would capitalize with a touchdown to win 33-31.

1. Stanford vs. California (1982)

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There were four seconds left and Stanford was kicking off with a one-point lead. California received, and in desperation used five laterals to bring the kick all the way back for a touchdown. During the return, the Stanford band had come onto the field thinking that the game was over, and Cal’s Kevin Moen had to navigate through the band members en route to the 25-20 victory.

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