After being in a long-term relationship, you end growing completely comfortable with your person. They become your best friend. You feel like you don't need to try extra hard to impress them because they already love you. After realizing all of these things, as a couple, you might start doing some weird things. These weird things are just symbols of your love. Here are some random tactics that I've picked up on in what every couple in love has probably done.

1. You're willing to share food.

This is a big step in a relationship. Food is very important, and if you're willing to share that must mean you really like each other. And if you give your significant other your last fry?! Wow. Match made in heaven.

2. You tag each other in things that remind you of each other on social media.

90 percent of your Facebook notifications are from your significant other who tagged you in a dog video, a funny video of someone doing something stupid and them telling you, "you would do this," or something sweet like, "tag the person you're missing the most right now."

3. You get each other random gifts just because you thought they would like it.

You know you love someone when you go to the store and every other thing you see is something that you know your significant other would love.

4. Your conversations

You can talk all day and not get bored. You can not talk all day and jump back into the conversation like you never left. Or best of all, you can just be together and be silent and still be enjoying your time together.

5. You know the weirdest things about each other.

Your significant other probably knows more about you than you might even remember about yourself. They know weird things like how you will only use this certain brand of toothpaste or knowing which type of soda makes you burp the loudest. Just the most obscure things.

6. You can be gross around each other.

Farting, burping, it's all out on the table.

7. You can be "mean" to each other.

You can call each other names, and be brutally honest without offending each other.

8. Literally anything is fun with them.

From going grocery shopping to doing homework. They make boring things more exciting.

9. Your enemies are his/her enemies.

Your significant other doesn't even have to meet the person you hate, they just automatically hate who you hate and know everything about them without really knowing who they are. It's amazing.

10. You can ask each other anything.

And they'll be 100 percent honest with you and won't judge you for your questions.

11. You can be completely and totally weird with each other, yet you still love each other.

You can do the wackiest things and your significant other wouldn't judge. They might even join in. You can really be your true self and they'll still love you with all their heart.